“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

It’s the 12th of January(?!), and things are already starting to take shape for the year to come. I got a new pair of (Russian!) pointe shoes last week, and spent the few days afterward sewing and re-sewing the ribbons and elastics. I tried them in class on Sunday, (torturing my feet in the process after months without going en pointe), but I’m happy to say that I think they will work great. After all… They are Russian.

The Golden Globes were on this weekend (Ricky Gervais was good, but I still missed Tina and Amy), and Leo DiCaprio won the award for best actor. Now it’s just a question of will he or won’t he win the best actor award at the Oscars. (And better yet: if he does, what will what he do with himself when he’s finally achieved the unachievable?)

And of course… We are saying farewell to an icon.

No sooner than the word had broke that David Bowie had passed on Sunday, tributes started pouring in from across the globe, and will likely continue to pour in for the next week and a bit.

I had always semi-known of him (like when he made his Zoolander cameo), but it didn’t really come into effect until about five years ago, when I saw him in that cult-favourite Labyrinth (the most interesting way to enter my Bowie phase). Then, it wasn’t until at least three years ago that I got more acquainted with his songs, and came to appreciate his work as an artist and entertainer.

If there was one thing thing I’ve known about David Bowie, it was that he was absolutely and unapologetically himself throughout his career, right up to the end… Something we can all aspire to. He will be missed!



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