Seen, heard (and devoured) this week

How’s your day going? Ready for some  mid-week magic? Here are just some of the things that have passed through my field of vision…



Brooklyn. Saw it this weekend; a very nice movie, focusing on the experiences of an Irish girl in the 1950s, newly arrived in Brooklyn NY. It made me lust for the colourful 1950s attire, and want to wear more red lipstick. (As if I don’t already wear enough of it.) FYI: It was actually filmed in Montreal.

Another homage to David Bowie, courtesy of Choir! Choir! Choir!+500.

Presidents when they were young and hunky. A worthwhile read.


The return of Agent Carter. I was pretty excited about it before its second season premiere, annd when it finally aired the other night(!!!!!) it lived up to all of my expectations.


-There might be a planet beyond Pluto???

 Heard this first on the radio, and simply had to look it up afterwards. Just a reminder that summer days will soon be upon us again.


-Jamie Oliver’s hit n run baked chicken. I’ve already made it a few times in the past few months, and that’s the  tell-tale sign it’s a keeper.

-Vanilla ice cream and coffee. Affogato, they call it? But not just any kind of coffee–espresso. (Or, just really strong coffee.) So simple, and yet so sublime.

Brooklyn gif from here, Agent Carter image from here


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