Seen and heard this week



The sky was so pretty this morning, I had to take a picture of it.


A vintage 1950s’ dress in my favourite shade of red. (So bright!)

Marvel’s Jessica Jones. I’ve heard for ages how good it is, and when I finally started jumped on the bandwagon the other week, it certainly lived up to expectations.

I saw this… And I cackled.

Ellen Degeneres and her many scares.


-It’s National Chocolate Cake Day and I didn’t know about it??!! Well, that’s too bad, otherwise I would have loved a slice.

-Joseph Fiennes is set to play Michael Jackson in some British movie. Ehh…. No. Just no.

-Did you hear about the steer last week who made a break for freedom from the slaughterhouse? Well, I’m happy to report that he was rescued! He now lives safe and sound in an animal sanctuary.

-I’ve heard this Meat Loaf song a few times in the last month, and I felt the urge to revisit the music video–the last time I saw it, I was a kid. The result? Waaaaay more sensual than I remembered it, but still creepy (which I definitely remembered it being).

Dress image from here


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