Seen and heard this week

What a shockingly un January-like week it has been! Rather, make that un February-like. I think around this time last year it was in the -16 range; talk about the difference a year makes! Here’s what’s passed through my field of vision over the course of the week…


-Lots of sunshine.

-Puppy Bowl!

-A new(ish) Maple Leafs logo?

-The disturbing lack of snow.

-And winter jackets.

-Ridiculously photogenic skies


I will admit that my camera phone didn’t do this one justice

-Stunning pictures of Myrna Loy like this one508a815c4127e3e37b00fba5dfb312ff



-Apparently it’s world Nutella Day. Call me crazy, but why does this even need a day dedicated to it? I used to have it while in university, but now I don’t think I can take it.

-Beyonce + Super Bowl = everyone in the world bowing down to her. (Bonus points if Missy Elliot accompanies her)

Just because…

Have a swell weekend!


Myrna Loy image from here


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