Valentine’s Day babbling

Now now, I’m not cynical–well, actually I am–nor do I  find anything wrong with a day that’s devoted to love. In fact, I’m all for it. (I am a Libra you know.) Especially at this time in the dead of winter, when the cold dreary mess tends to get us down. Aside from Christmas, and maybe Thanksgiving, it’s about the only holiday where we take the time to openly show our appreciation for loved ones, and that we are caring, wonderful human beings.

That being said, V Day comes with quite a bit of pressure: for those of us without SOs, it can be a glum reminder of what we are missing out on. But really… You can either wallow in it or revel.

In truth, it’s not a big a deal for me anymore. Sure, it would be wonderful to have another to share V Day with, but I’m perfectly happy to spend a night in, enjoying a pink frosted cupcake while watching a movie, and revelling in being footloose and fancy free.* Because, my friends, the first true love you’ll ever have is yourself.

Finally, to honour the day of love and romance, here’s the beautiful final scene from the Italian film Cinema Paradiso.

Happy V-Day, you lovebirds out there!



History of the World gif from here

*Namely, being able to sprawl out in my bed



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