What I’ve been reading lately



Ok, I started this book in August and didn’t finish until January (due to life reasons), but you know what? For an Austen novel, I have to say I enjoyed this. Unlike other works I’ve read by her, I found that Emma seemed to flow easily from one chapter to the next and I admired Emma as a character–flaws and all. She was warm and funny, open about her mistakes (and quick to make amends), and–crazy importantly–didn’t want to marry! Much to the shock of others around her. But of course, she did marry in the end, but it was out of a love that she knew to be true to her heart.



The Diviners, book 2: Lair of Dreams. 

Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited for this book… And I finished it within a week. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint! Set in the 1920s, the novel follows the story Evie O’Neill and her gifted diviner friends as a deadly (literally) sleeping sickness stirs terror across New York City. We are introduced to some new characters, along with new and potentially dangerous developments. Admittedly, I liked the first book better than this one in certain ways, but it was still a great read–filled with complex characters and scenarios that drag you in headfirst. I look forward to reading the next books! Whenever they come out.


ME. When it’s Katharine Hepburn narrating, there’s no explanation needed, really. I’ve had her book on my shelf for a long time now, and only recently decided to start reading it. As I’ve said previously (having mentioned her book on here before), she writes exactly how I would imagine she must have sounded in real life. In fact, it’s like she’s sitting across from you, reclining in her chair and waving her hands all over the place for emphasis. I’ll be very interested in reading when/how she got her first movie role. Probably some fascinatingly crazy story.


The Scarlet Pimpernel.

I’m about 23% into the book, according to my Kobo reader, but so far so good. I’ve caught quite a few references to this book over the last few years (namely this one), so I guess all the signs were directing me to read it at some point. Nothing like a rollicking adventure of daring French Revolution rescues!


Lady Midnight. Another exciting read! I’m still working my way through, but anything written by the almighty Cassandra Clare is never disappointing, and this one is no exception. I loved her two previous series, I love the characters she creates, I love the whole story line… I LOVE IT, I LOVE THEM ALL!


Whew, a lot of books!

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