Life activities and other things

Confession time: I have been a lazy ballet dancer all my life.


Up until the past few years, at least.


The concept is mind positively blowing. (Lazy?? Moi??? But I’ve been dancing for twenty years, dammit!) And yet, the proof was in my turnout… Amongst other areas. (Meaning, I had been doing everything half-assed. Although not necessarily on purpose.)

Since January, I’ve been doing all these conditioning/strengthening exercises to help build my strength to take on the Intermediate ballet exam sometime next spring. Ok, a year may seem like a long time away, but since things have been moving at warp speed these days, every bit of training helps. Not to mention there’s a whole syllabus that needs to be covered???! I’m hoping by the time it rolls around, I’ll be doing grand jetes and pointe work like a boss. I’ve learned quite a few things about what works/what doesn’t work for my body as a dancer, and it helps having an instructor who’s knowledgeable in the workings of the muscles and what not.

It’s a work in progress, and although I sometimes wake up the next day feeling sore/tired af, the main thing is that I’m in a much better position (dance terminology, get it??!) than I was a year or two ago. Just don’t talk to me about beats, otherwise I may break down into an uncontrollable fit of awkward laughter.

My other activities these days (aside from trying to attain the *nearly* unattainable in ballet), include writing more, and trying to make a living doing more writing. Which is another go at trying to attain the unattainable. At least, until it is actually attained.

It’s April now, and yet it doesn’t feel much like April. But we’re getting there! The sun is out, there has been actual rain, the buds are finally getting a chance to come through. I’m jealous of everyone in New York, because it’s so pathetically warm there, compared to here in Toronto.

I heard a whisper on the breeze that Sir Paul McCartney is coming to the Hamilton centre this July. I saw him five(!!!) years ago at the ACC and he was amazing. And speaking of great musicians, another great concert I saw in the last few weeks was Joan Jett and the Black Hearts and Heart. All I can say is… Man. THEY WERE BOTH SO GOOD. But I was really impressed by Joan Jett.

And on a final note, here’s what I’ve been watching/listening to:

-The Sleepy Hollow season finale, which caught me–along with every other viewer watching–off guard in the worst way possible, and dashed any hopes I had of its two leading characters getting together. In short, it was a tragic mess.

-The discovery of this web series, which reignited the love I have for the original novel (and for a certain character, ahem).

-And lastly, a musical score from the latest Star Wars movie, which I take to be a sign that I should finally watch this weekend.



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