Seen and heard lately

This pull toy is permanently attached to his head.


Parrots doing funny things (while at the same time, creeping you out).

-A place in Scotland I want to visit, and indulge my inner Romantic.

-Weirdo dreams. Do they count?  This week has been ridiculous for sleep/dreams, because I’ve been waking up at 3:30 in the morning, and am unable to fall back to sleep until at least 5… Which is  when the dreams kick in. (Probably something to do with the REM sleep cycle, but I can’t be bothered with details.) Anyhow, one segment that stands out doesn’t make sense (as if they ever do), but I’ll explain anyway:

I’m trying to get ready for some big event, but stupid things are holding me up and I’m taking forever, and will probably arrive late. Go figure! I’m not sure where I am exactly, but I’m in a cross between a mall, and a washroom slightly reminiscent of the public dormitory washroom I had in my first year of university. (It was the oldest dormitory on campus; the washroom stalls were wooden, and there was a clawfoot bathtub. But I digress.)  I look one way, and there is a box of ground beef on display like it’s in a supermarket. Then I look away for a second and suddenly the meat is cooked and a man is trying to convince me to take it. Then I wake up and I think to myself, ‘raw meat? In a washroom? That’s… Pretty gross.’

*sidenote: I have absolutely no control 0ver my subconscious. When raw meat and washrooms are mentioned together, I really don’t want to know.

-These days, it’s seems like there’s always an international something day. One day it’s pretzels! Another day it’s bagels! Another day it’s chocolate cake! That’s all well and good, but today is international dance day. Yay! I don’t have any pictures of me in my dance shoes, but I do have a clip from one of the most memorable dance scenes in film history. (Admit it, you’d want to be part of something like that. I always want to be part of dancy things.)


-Beyonce’s Lemonade, and the juicy gossip accompanying it. Haven’t watched it yet, but I’m intrigued.


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