When everything seems to be going amok right now…


The reason is that Mercury is in Retrograde. Before you start scoffing and calling it mumbo jumbo astrology crap, there is in fact truth! It’s a phenomenon that makes it seem as though Mercury is moving backwards in the sky. Mercury, in astrology terms, represents communication. When this happens three or four times during the year, it tends to screw with us. Every. Single. Time. Quoting the AstroTwins on their site Astro Style, who put it best:

During a Mercury retrograde cycle, arguments and misunderstandings rage, plans fall apart, cars break down, and computers crash suddenly.

Really, it explains everything that’s happened these past few days: a car didn’t start for some reason or another, a computer screwed itself up and had to be taken in… And so forth. And Trump advanced closer to getting the nomination the other night. (I wish I could blame MIR on that, but I don’t think that’s possible.)

Anyhow, the key things I’ve learned during this weird planetary phase are:

  1. Back your shit up. Get a USB key, or a special hard drive, otherwise you face the risk of losing your material due to a freak malfunction.
  2. Organize everything (a lesson to be learned all the time,).
  3. Talk things out in the flesh–not text or email.
  4. Finish things you’ve been putting off.
  5. Someone/something may resurface from your past that you did not see coming.


Oh, and May the 4th be with you!!

Or, in dancer terms

Mercury image from here





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