Seen and heard since last week


Deep sea jelly fish in Mariana’s Trench. Cool enough, but jellyfish give me the creeps. They are not even fish. They are floating blobs of alien hardware that will sting you even when they are dead. HATE THEM.

-I came across this colour oracle test. Not only did it prove itself accurate, it proved itself horrifyingly accurate as to my life situation at the moment. It just goes to show you the choices you make are for a reason. It’s all about the psyche.

-The concept of KFC chicken flavoured nail polish. (This was my reaction to it, but mostly at the thought of licking your fingers in the first place, because it’s nasty.) As a well-known Toronto Star writer put it, ‘we are living in a golden age of bad ideas’. Of course, my next thought was ‘doesn’t anyone think of the toxins in that nail polish????’

This girl’s Instagram. After a scroll through, I’ve come to the conclusion that she is what I aspire to use my Instagram account for. That and the fact that she has a ragdoll cat!! I’ve only wanted to own one forever.

-I saw the Force Awakens!!!! Five months over due!! I enjoyed it. I couldn’t help it.


Ludovico Einaudi can create some of the most powerful music in regards to the human experience. His work so real and raw, and perfectly in tune with everything around us. Sit back and listen.




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