End of school reflections (from someone no longer in school)

When June comes rolling in, it’s hard not to feel slightly nostalgic for the end of school. It’s a different nostalgia than in September, when you’re feeling a weird mixture of anxiety and excitement for the beginning of the term. I would describe this nostalgia as happy, but also a bit sad. (There’s probably a word for it, but I have no clue what it is.)

I can almost guess how kids these days are feeling now: summer’s coming! Report cards! I don’t need to go to class! Year books! freedom!

My days as a student have long since come and gone, but I still end up feeling slightly dejected about the school year coming to a close. Thrilled as I was for two months of freedom, I would always feel a bit sad that the schedule I had gotten so used to over the course of the year would cease to exist, and I wouldn’t be seeing my fellow classmates and teachers on a regular basis any longer. It’s a feeling that followed me all the way through to university as well. It seems that I like having a consistent routine, but not so much saying farewell to those I’ve gotten to know, or the places I’ve gotten familiar with.

I always found the final weeks of school weird, particularly in high school: having no assignments/extra responsibility (unless it’s helping clean the classroom), teachers being chill, movies playing, the copious amounts of junk food, people wandering the hallways, and everything being completely opposite of how it should be!!! Throws a kid off, you know? I mean, what do you do???

The general answer would be to simply savour those last few weeks. Enjoy time with the classmates you’ve gotten to know (not just your main group of friends), and the teachers who have worked ridiculously hard to make your learning experience worthwhile. Time is fleeting, even though it seems to go on forever when you’re in school. These kinds of relationships are special: you won’t always be working alongside these people (at the very least, not under the same circumstances you had been before), nor will you see your teachers everyday. Whatever grade/year you’re moving on from, you’re at an exceptionally unique period of growth in your life that you will only be able to share with these people, at this particular time.

Good or bad (but I hope mostly good), these are the times you will look back on; and even though you might no longer be in touch with these people, it will be the memories of that school year that will link you down the road. Thus, when you meet for a school reunion 20+years onward it will be a jolly good time! (Bonus points if you can remember who was in your class, ahem ahem.)

To those of you still in school, cheers to the end of another year.

And to those of us who haven’t been in school for years, cheers for the start of summer (and no more school)!!

Alright, here’s a throwback for you. I heard this waaaay back in grade 5, which gives me  flashbacks to the early 2000s, and didn’t stop hearing it until my 8th grade graduation.



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