Summer list of to-dos

Cue the fireworks, light those marshmallows aflame, get ready to dive in to the water wearing nothing but your birthday best because of the damn heat… It’s summer time.

Well, that was a fun introduction! Depending on where you live/since our part of Canada is relegated to wintery temperatures seven months of the year, it’s important to make the most of the sunshine and heat while it’s in town. And I for one, plan on making the most of it. So what better way to get started than with a list of things to do? I’ve got two months to get through it, and hopefully I can work up the audacity to get through most of it. (Except where food is involved, because food.)

Here go’s nothing… Or, perhaps, everything?

  • See an outdoor movie. This has been on my to-do list for ages, and I would absolutely love to sit out one evening with a crowd and just watch a good movie at dusk.  (Preferably a classic, and in black and white, because you can’t go wrong)
  •  Take a pilates class. (As if I didn’t need another reason to make my muscles burn.)
  • Take a tap class. Ballet’s fab, but I miss tap dancing so very much.
  • And on that note, take a contemporary class.
  • Eat dinner outside.
  • Watch the sun set on the beach.
  • Visit the CNE (a no brainer) in August
  • Get my hair highlighted after FIVE FOUR YEARS. I was letting it grow out in the hopes of experimenting with an at-home hair dye kit, until the sad day when I was persuaded that those kinds of things are best left to the professionals.
  • Bake a pie. And I’m not simply talking about a galette (which is delicious, by the by) but an actual honest-to-god pie.
  • Master my pirouette: Singles… Then doubles (gasp!).
  • Spend some time venturing around in the Six. Because I live in the burbs’, it makes me 90% less likely to go downtown due to the beastly transit ride to and from. Which in turn, makes me lazy to go anywhere. Thus, missing out on all the cool stuff happening. FOMO indeed!
  • Take my G2 test to save my driver’s license (and my soul).
  • Document my summer shenanigans.


Summer is short. Let’s do this.


Gif via here


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