Spontaneous Carole Lombard appreciation post


Confession: I keep a Pinterest account. I have the usual boards featuring travel, clothing, etc. But my big boards revolve around vintage clothing and celebrities from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

One of the actresses I keep coming across and save pictures of is Carole Lombard. She is, to say the least, probably one of the most photogenic stars ever. Not only of her age, but possibly even today. She looks terrific, even when she’s being a goof! But I also get the impression that she could have been a fun person to hang around with as well, and it’s a shame that her life came to end at such a young age. She’s got this magnetism that simply pierces through the camera lens.

The other shocking thing is that I’ve not actually seen any movies with her in it. Why this is, I don’t know, but I probably should search them out.



And she loves her pets!


Images from here, here, and here


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