Summer to-do list update

Summer has pretty much reached its peak. There, I said it! Now we begin our decent into… Ok, not quite yet, but likely very soon. (I’m already seeing advertisements for fall fashion and back to school stuff, so technically we’re there.)

I will say is that it’s been pretty good in terms of weather. Lots of sun, heat and humidity. My hair loves it!! (Not.) Anyhoo, I thought I would check in again with my summer to do list, and see how much I’ve accomplished.

All I can say is… Bleh. Sometimes I’m not so good at sticking to my own lists… But it’s still only August. Right???!

  • See an outdoor movie. (Still need to do this while the weather holds up.)
  • Take a pilates class. (Just a matter of if and when.)
  • Take a tap class/contemporary class. (I miiiiiiissssss taaaaaap.)
  • Eat dinner outside. (When it’s not so bloody hot, anyway.)
  • Watch the sun set on the beach. (But I don’t think it will top the sunsets I saw in Australia, ho hum.)
  • Visit the CNE in August. Yes! I missed out on it last summer, so perhaps I will swing by.
  • Get my hair highlighted after FIVE FOUR YEARS. (But I’m thinking I might push it back to the winter…)
  • Bake a pie/galette. Scratch that. I made a blueberry galette, and a pretty darn good one, so I’m happy.
  • Master my pirouette. I’m fairly confident that I’ve mastered my singles. Finally!!  This is a huge accomplishment, after god knows how many years and over a thousand–or should I say, million–attempts. Now I know what I’m doing right… And what I’m doing wrong.
  • Spend some time venturing around in the Six. (Again, a matter of if/when.)
  • Take my G2 test to save my driver’s license (and my soul). This is still a definite.
  • Document my summer shenanigans.

Having said all that, my summer activities might be a tad limited now, because I started a new job as a pointe shoe fitter (yay!) at the beginning of July, and will be starting up my ballet classes during the week after a month long hiatus. Sore glutes and calves, here I come! But I will do my best to fulfill what I can…

ps: Found my latest anthem of summer. Now I just need to nail the dance moves and I’ll be all set.


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