Seen and heard this month


A lasting reminder.

-The Rio Olympics. And suddenly, they’re over???! Well, it was a lot of fun to keep up with (despite the moans and groans from everyone else about the conditions in Rio–ok, they were in fact questionable), and now we have to deal with a post-games hangover because nothing else is worth watching on television. (ps: yay Canada!)

-All it took was this one blog post and suddenly I’m starting to think about investing in a really good hand bag one day. Because–at least for me–nothing is more appealing than a bright pink Prada bag. (Also, isn’t Mara the most pristine and classiest dresser ever???!)

-The latest Jason Bourne film. Admittedly, I had my doubts about it because I’m not into the macho action movie genre. I actually was hoping to see Ghostbusters, but alas, it already vanished from theatres (pun definitely intended)… But it . Conclusion? Jason Bourne is 90% teflon.

-Ontario fruits. Blueberries! Peaches! Cherries! All in glorious abundance this month before they disappear… Along with the summer. Once again, I’m killing it with the fruit galettes.

Wedding cake trends through the century. I am oddly fascinated.

-The universe would be an impossibly different place without even a single one of us.” An interesting piece I read on Tumblr that’s stuck with me this month.

-The Tragically Hip’s final concert in Kingston on the weekend. I’ve never been a fan of the Hip, but my heart does go out to Gord Downie and what he’s been going through these past few months.


Dance me to the end of love

Petricor, Ludovico Einaudi

-All I keep hearing about is Barb from Stranger Things. I don’t have Netflix, and therefore I can’t watch it, but I am constantly bombarded with Barb references online. Baaaaaaaarb!

Image from here


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