Thoughts on a Thursday

Last summer in Australia, cappuccinos and cupcakes on fancy plates were my life. TORONTO WHY CAN’T YOU GIVE ME THIS????

Introducing a new blog segment I like to call… Thoughts. This is where I broadcast a stream of consciousness of whatever thing is going on in my head at the time. I used to do it on one of my previous blogs, and have been thinking about bringing it back…. So I decided to go ahead and do it.

ps: did you know doing this sort of thing before bed is supposed to help you sleep better? Or so I heard.

  • When I see people biking downtown at a 5 am when it’s still dark outside, I can’t help but wonder, what do they do?? What kind of lives are they leading? Do they go to bed at 9?
  • 5 am thoughts, ladies and gentlemen.
  • I was kind of sleep deprived, to be fair.
  • I never go downtown when it’s that early… Unless it’s for a hospital visit, which was my case yesterday.
  • Funny, because it’s not the sketchy late night scene of Toronto I’m used to seeing, when everyone’s stumbling around drunk… But rather, the early/waking up scene, which is something totally different.
  • I love mornings.
  • Not many would say the same.
  • Coffee is a beautiful thing.
  • There was a time when I hated coffee once.
  • Sorry.
  • Nobody’s ready for that.
  • At least, nobody’s ready for the oncoming of winter.
  • Which I hear is supposed to be very cold this year.
  • Not just cold, but very.
  • Is it lunch already?
  • Tv shows I miss is trending on Twitter.
  • Naturally, I mostly miss the shows of the 90s.
  • But there are some relatively new shows I miss watching.
  • Like Sleepy Hollow. Which is still on.
  • But before it broke my heart (along with a thousand others) into a millions peaces.
  • Are you Afraid of the Dark?
  • God that was scary to watch as a kid.
  • Tv was so much better than it was a decade later.
  • Nostalgia is potent.
  • Be warned before you go youtubing old tv shows.

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