Seen and heard this month


Have you had a pumpkin spice latte yet? Or pumpkin spice anything? I’m waiting until at least it actually hits autumn equinox before I jump in. But I think I might try the PS over ice, because I found the hot version a tad too sweet.


-A crap ton of pointe shoes and new faces. Because it’s the beginning of the school year, lots of kids are coming in to the store to be fitted! And oh, what a learning experience it is.

-I’m pretty late to finding this video, but it’s wonderfully uplifting.

-Lessons in flirting. (Or what not to do.)

-And all of the sudden, I’m back to desperately wanting to change my hair up.


-Revisiting this tune, which I’d nearly forgotten about. The movie wasn’t too bad, but I especially loved this piece. (The magic starts at the 1:20 mark. And I recommend headphones when listening.)

-Breakups and breakups and breakups. So long Hiddleswift! So long Brangelina! Not that I cared much about what you were doing, but still…


-Some damn good cake. I don’t get enough cake as is, and for the first time in a long time I had a slice of crème brûlée cheese cake a few weekends ago. It was enough to make me weep in gratitude.


Persuasion, by Jane Austen. I started reading it over a year ago and put it down, then forgot where I stopped in it, so I just started again. It’s cute!

To anyone who thinks they’re falling behind in life.


Continuing my roll with remembering Gene Wilder by including this.


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