Thoughts on a Friday


  • Thank goodness for fall.
  • And for Libra season.
  • My birthday is around the corner, and I swear I feel like I’m still 26 going on seventeen.
  • Kidding.
  • I know more now of life than I did at seventeen.
  • What does anyone know about life at that age?
  • Maybe some, but certainly not I.
  • It makes me feel good to know that I’m a classier version of age seventeen now.
  • This just in, I made banana crumb muffins.
  • Now the kitchen smells delightful.
  • Haven’t made these since the spring. Or winter, I’m not sure.
  • Either way, they’re good for when it’s a cool and rainy day.
  • Which it is.
  • I don’t eat bananas much anymore, but if they disappear off the face of the earth (which is not an unlikely scenario) I would definitely miss making muffins out of them.
  • There’s nothing like being able to sleep through the night without a plugged nose.
  • If there’s one yearly ritual I can always rely on, it’s catching a cold every September.
  • Must pull myself away from distractions.
  • But tea, first.
  • Oh my god it’s almost Halloween.
  • What was I saying about colds?
  • Oh yes. Catching one every September.
  • Colds felt worse back then.
  • Now they’re a piece of cake.
  • Lies.
  • I recently started drinking mint tea, probably my best decision of this past week.
  • Makes me feel so much more relaxed than when I drink… Dare I say it… Regular tea?
  • And no wonder.
  • When I click on certain web pages, it makes me feel like I’ve had enough of the internet for the day.
  • Mostly because of the content, which is about petty crap.
  • Take for instance, Kylie Jenner, doing a photo shoot pretending she’s a ballet dancer.
  • Surprise! People were offended. And I’m irritated.
  • I’ll have some of that mint tea now.
  • This week I find myself in that strange predicament of missing someone I didn’t  know well.
  • A nice older neighbour on my street passed away, and I can’t help but feel sad that I won’t see him anymore.
  • I saw him every so often and waved hello, and stopped to chat with him at one point a few years ago.
  • Maybe it’s that neighbourly familiarity I’m craving, or the nostalgia for having an older generation around.
  •  I’ve seen quite a few older residents move out from the street I’m living on, and new families take their place. Ones that I don’t know well, or at all.
  • It’s always sad to see them go.
  • But move on they must, as we all have to do sooner or later.
  • And that is the note on which I will take my leave.
  • Till next time…

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