The year that was 26

Ah, to be 26 again…

Ha, who am I kidding? It was fun and all, but I am most certainly ready to move on. I’m now… 27.

As of two weeks ago.

I started off my 26th year with a bang (not to mention, a few drinks). Lots of nice things happened for me this year, but also some remarkable changes that I never could have seen coming. With each passing year, I’m learning a bit more about myself, and am slowly starting to make my way towards… Well, whatever that happens to be. Thirty, I guess. (And financially independent.)

This is a review of the past year.

  • Started my training for an intensive new ballet exam. This one, the Intermediate RAD exam, is by far more intensive than the last one I studied for in 2014, and I won’t be taking the exam until  at least next June. Which is fine by me, because I want to be comfortable with the choreography in every way possible! That said, it’s been a lot of training and learning intricate choreography, but I wouldn’t have it any other way at this point. And if I don’t do this now, I might never get another opportunity.
  • Learned to not let the small things overpower the better things. Let me get this out there and say that it’s always been a bit of a struggle for me to be more accepting of my overall self. Over the course of my twenties it’s gotten significantly better, and I’ve come to appreciate what I’ve been gifted with, whether I liked it to begin with… Or not. But in the times when my ego has taken a knocking, and I’ve been placed in situations where I felt dumb and start to beat myself up over it, that’s when it’s been more difficult. But then one day, I came to realize: does that one little moment define me overall as a person? Uh, no. And why should it? I have tons of great qualities, and to let that instance affect my self-worth is not an option.
  • It’s ok to take a different direction. Just when I thought I couldn’t throw myself into ballet and dance any further, I started working as a pointe shoe fitter this past summer! It’s been pretty good learning experience; not just figuring out different shoes for different feet, but for the learning experience of dance wear in a retail setting. It’s certainly a shift from the journalism/writing field, but there shouldn’t be anything wrong with putting it aside temporarily. But on the other hand it’s also a part of my other passion in life. And if it means helping others with something they are just as passionate about doing, then that’s ok with me.
  • When times get tough, we’re not alone. I say this because it’s true: in the past couple months my family and I have had some difficult issues to contend with, and will continue to deal with them as they come in the next little while, but the thing that makes it more bearable is the fact that we’ve got such an incredibly good group of friends and family that are there for support. If there’s anything I’ve learned this year it’s that when you need it, people will be there to have your back. Not that I ever doubted it before, mind you! But it’s nice to see.
I will never get over them. And I’m still mad at how the last season ended.
  •  To never again develop attachments to fictional tv couples. Why? Because most of the fictional character couples on television I wanted to see get together never did, and it made me sad, and it taught me to never root for would-be couples again. (Case in point above.)


  • Seeing Paul McCartney once is amazing, seeing him twice is miraculous. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again (even though it makes me sound insane): I would ruin my life for this man and be absolutely fine with it. Namely, because it is Paul McCartney and he is wonderful.

And that concludes my wrap up of 26. I purposely left out anything involving the presidential debate because… Well, we know why.

Whatever 27 has in store for me is hard to say at this point… But I hope I can make it good!

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