Thoughts on a Friday

  • Yee gads it’s national dessert day.
  • Probably my favourite day next to Christmas.
  • When I think of dessert, I thinking of something really rich and decadent.
  • Namely, pudding.
  • Topped with whipped cream?
  • Or ice cream.
  • Still topped with whipped cream.
  • Or custard cake.
  • Maybe not topped with whipped cream.
  • But made with whipping cream.
  • That’s better.
  • I better stop looking at the hashtag on Twitter, it’s making me hungry.
  • Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I were alive 100 years ago instead of today.
  • I would be alive during WW1, for one thing.
  • The Titanic would have been sunk four years, already.
  • And I don’t know what else.
  • But I’d rather be alive in today’s age, thanks very much.
  • Even with a stinky election coming up.
  • My god, will the madness ever end.
  • Wow, that was a drastic turn from thinking about dessert.
  • I think I’m due for a haircut.
  • It’s getting impossible to deal with these days.
  • Curly haired people, you get my drift.
  • The leaves are so pretty this time of year.
  • If I could drag out this reality for months on end, I would.
  • But alas, seasons don’t work that way.
  • Only from the heart can you touch the sky.
  • Quoted by Rumi, and sadly not by me.

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