Thoughts on a (black?) Friday

  • It’s your typical grey, damp November day and all I want to do is sit in a Starbucks and casually sip a drink while trying to write.
  • An iced peppermint mocha, preferably.
  • It’s all I seem to think about nowadays.
  • Ugh, I really want to do this now.
  • Soon, maybe.
  • The back of my legs are sore.
  • As are two spots on my upper back.
  • I have conditioning exercises to thank for that.
  • All for the love of dance, though!
  • Honestly, I can’t for the life of me figure out why my writing inspiration is so lax these days.
  • They say to write even when you have no inspiration, but eff that, I say.
  • Dammit, if I want to creep on Instagram instead I will damn well do so.
  • Maybe I’ll find inspiration there.
  • Or maybe I’ll just find some really nice fashion ideas.
  • Then I’ll never get any writing done.
  • The fallen leaves are disgusting now.
  • Especially when they stick to the dogs’ fur and track them indoors.
  • November.
  • Typical.
  • While Americans were indulging in turkey/other Thanksgiving things, Canadians were sitting across the table in silent judgement.
  • Mainly because Christmas is only NEXT MONTH.
  • On this black Friday, I will spend nothing on nothing.
  • I will only watch the insanity in the malls through my television and computer screens.
  • Ok, I think I’ve had enough internet for one day. Or a week. Or forever.
  • PS: I don’t care, he’s still a hunk.

Aaaaand cue music.


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