Thoughts on a Friday

Commence the holiday baking.
  • Any nostalgia I’ll feel for December 2016 in the future, I’ll just look to this photo.
  • Not.
  • I will, however, remember I saw Fantastic Beasts at this time.
  • So excited.
  • I’m so nostalgic for Harry Potter these days. Why, I don’t know.
  • Maybe it’s because I saw the 2nd to last movie in theatres when I lived in Halifax.
  • Around Christmas time as well.
  • Ok, maybe November-ish.
  • December is such a nostalgic month in general.
  • And a good time for escapism through movies.
  • And for good reason.
  • I read an article about that, recently.
  • I recently found an old picture of myself from when I was about three that I was tempted to post on Instagram.
  • Around Christmas time, of course.
  • Luckily I changed my mind.
  • Why? because the expression I was making on my face as well as the pyjamas I was wearing were appalling.
  • I initially thought it would be cute, but then I wondered if I looked a little too evil for a three year old.
  • And perhaps, I might be embarrassed later on.
  • Maybe another year.
  • Or another photo.
  • A lesson for you all: when in doubt, don’t post.
  • A motto I live by these days.
  • This has got to be the best thing I’ve seen this week, all thanks to this clip.
  • I get the feeling there was some Flash Dance/Fame inspiration going on.
  • Since Wednesday I’ve been repeating to myself, “Hi my name’s Catrina!!”
  • Oh, and these two Vaudeville performers were also my favourites this week.
  • That kind of humour never ages.

And finally, I leave you with some music for you this weekend… Maybe it will get the previous music out of your head.

Update: Fantastic Beasts was amazing, as I knew it would be.



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