A final seen and heard for… 2016

Not seen: SO MUCH FOOD.


Well here we are. At the end of another December! And another year, for that matter. It seems that the general consensus is that 2016 has been a sucky, sucky year. And with the sad recent passings of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds to round things out, it has made it an all too depressing reality… Which is why I’m burying my face in a bowl of ice cream as I write this post.

But I’m not here to drag on about 2016. It’s (almost) over and done with, and I’d rather not dwell on it any longer. Let’s get back to me! As always. And look ahead to a brand new year.


Or what I like to call, heaven in a box.

-More snow. This, after all, is just the beginning. (But at least we got something of a white Christmas, which was nice.)

-Rogue One! Fantastic Beasts! Both exceptionally good movies!

-A crap ton of tv Christmas movies… Both good, awful and in-between. But I must admit, I rather miss seeing them on tv now. Why can’t we have more feel good crap like that on tv?

-A s’mores maker!!!

-Home Alone. I think it’s my favourite holiday film, if only for the lines. (Namely, “keep the change ya filthy animal!” Classic.)

-My favourite Debbie Reynolds number.

-The best thing about this time of year is that it gives you an excuse to eat anything you want at any given time, and to get those foods you only seem to have once a year. In our house… M&Ms appetizers and Chinese food.


Christmas music. Lots. But I don’t miss hearing it on the radio, weirdly enough, unlike those Christmas shows.

And so, dear readers, whoever you may be…. I wish you all…






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