Seen and heard this month

One! More! Day! Of! January! Since everything and everyone is feeling particularly shitty during this time of political turmoil, I bring you light and positivity in the form of a blog post.


-Moana! Oh my, such a beautiful movie.

Something relaxing. (And holy crap, does the water look amazing.)

-Krispy Creme donuts. Love love love. (I’m all for cream-filled goodness.)

-A compilation of gorgeous scenes in various Disney movies.

-Rain. Mist. Snow… Sometimes all at once.

-Confusion, sadness, fear, irritation… But also, at times, happy!

-Cold. Then warm again. Then cold again. Because, weather.

-Stiff muscles…. Again.

Thinking about…

-Hawaii. Or any place where there is a beach and lots of sun.


Favourite line: “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”


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