Thoughts on a Friday

Well well well, if it isn’t two of my old-school Hollywood crushes hanging out in the same photo. (Buster Keaton and Donald O’Connor.)
  • Guess who’s got a cold? *This* girl!
  • Tis the season.
  • My biggest achievement of the month, so far.
  • Thankfully it’s on its way out.
  • I think.
  • As crummy as it tends to be, it’s probably a sign that I need to slow it down.
  • Staying home to recover helps.
  • As does chocolate.
  • So says me.
  • God, with all cold viruses I’ve ever caught in my life, one would think I’d be practically done with them all.
  • All…. 200+ of them.
  • I think about this every time I catch a cold.
  • Maybe I’m one cold away from finally being done with them all.
  • Or not.
  • How have some people never caught a cold in their life?
  • I kind of envy them.
  • But maybe that means they are prone to catching other viruses that make the cold seem like a fantastic week long vacation.
  • OK. Then I’ll stick with colds.
  • Of all the things I least likely need in life, it’s probably a pink coat.
  • Well, actually, that’s not true.
  • It’s a coat, after all.
  • But it’s pink.
  • And you can wear that colour anytime of the year.
  • Investment goals.
  • Amongst other things.
  • I’ll be very interested to see how this meeting between Trudeau and Trump plays out on Monday.
  • I wonder how Trudeau is bracing for it.
  • I can only imagine the change in atmosphere in the White House this time around, compared to his visit with Obama last year.
  • Maybe I should watch SNL tomorrow night.
  • If only to see whether Rosie O’Donnell will make an appearance as Steve what’s-his-name.
  • Bannon.
  • I only ever get to see the highlights the next day.
  • Melissa McCarthy was priceless as Sean Spicer.
  • I keep wanting to call him Spencer.
  • Oh, it’s snowing outside where I am.
  • That big snow called an Alberta Clipper.
  • In December, the anticipation of snow had such magic and nostalgia, but now….
  • It’s lack lustre.
  • Maybe because there are no Christmas decorations to cheer things up.
  • Then the snow is supposed to melt by tomorrow when the temp rises to 6.
  • Fun!
  • But not when it comes to drying off the dogs.
  • Especially if their hair is long, prone to matting, and the snow clumps.
  • Ugh, I dread the possibilities.
  • But one thing I don’t dread?
  • Not having to blow my nose every other hour.
  • And having take out food tonight.
  • And the up-coming spring season.
  • Which makes for a perfect segue to my choice in song this week down below.
  • Listening to it makes me feel like everything is ok in the world.
  • Or at the very least, completely relaxed.
  • Close your eyes and take a listen.


Image from here


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