Friday in the gray

Of course, the cat doesn’t care who she’s next to. What so ever.
  • Nothing says global warming like 16 degree temperatures in February.
  • I mean, it’s nice weather, but at the same time oh god.
  • Any snow we started with in December has finally melted.
  • Anytime I worry that the world might be going to hell in a hand basket, I try to remember the good things that are happening as well.
  • One doesn’t always hear about them, but they’re there.
  • Look for the helpers, Mister Rogers would say.
  • Or just watch a video on cute puppies or kittens.
  • Can’t go wrong with that.
  • I took a trip down memory lane by sorting through my old grade school stuff today.
  • Boy did I love making art.
  • From the sparkles that got everywhere, to the construction paper, to the glue that stuck on the fingers.
  • Even if the creation ended up looking like crap.
  • Oh, and my writing was fit for a 6 year old.
  • Thankfully, it has since improved.
  • And thankfully my parents appreciated my stuff.
  • I think.
  • But the best part was when I was reading about a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, and I casually mentioned how we got stuck in traffic on the 401 west bound.
  • The specific details are incredible.
  • The second best part was my two sentence ghost story, circa 1995.
  • “A ghost is white. The ghost is scary.”
  • It’s that short.
  • And my teacher commented, “A good first story!”
  • In a painful sort of way.
  • La douleur equise. 
  • A beautiful word with a painful meaning behind it.
  • Wanting someone you can’t have.
  • The indescribable want of something.
  • For me, I don’t know what that something is.
  • The music I’ve included down below is to inspire you to go out and conquer the weekend. Or world, whatever.

Image from here


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