“Listen to the song of life” edition of thoughts

My personal aesthetic.
  • One of the most satisfying feelings out there is finishing a book you actually enjoyed reading.
  • It happened with me these past two weeks.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve read such a good book, so therefore it’s worth noting.
  • I won’t tell you what it is, because… I’m saving it for an upcoming blog post.
  • Aha! About time.
  • So much for keeping up with blogging consistency.
  • This month has been ripe with creative constipation.
  • It happens every so often.
  • But one must push through it!
  • That, and I’ve also been busy.
  • But not today.
  • Today, I write.
  • Write, and stare out the window.
  • And find music to listen to on youtube.
  • It looks like rain.
  • Spring arrived this week as well, bringing with it below-freezing temperatures.
  • But it’s getting warmer.
  • Or so we’re told.
  • You know, sometimes I like to believe in fate.
  • Like, if it’s meant to be for you, the opportunity will present itself.
  • An interview with Robert Osborne (RIP) and Kim Novak I was watching last weekend got me thinking about that.
  • She seems to definitely be about the fates and destiny sort of thing.
  • Or rather, she just fell into the acting gig and went along for the ride.
  • Do you call that fate, or just rolling with it?
  • What is fate?
  • There I go, waxing philosophic again.
  • Probably not the word I’m looking for, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.
  • But this goes well with the Katharine Hepburn quote above.
  • “Listen to the song of life!”
  • Which brings me to mention that I also watched a good Katharine Hepburn bio not long ago.
  • I want to be a lady like her in my golden years.
  • At least then I will have an excuse to be sassy.
  • Which isn’t to say I’m not sassy right at this stage in life.
  • KH dressed like my grandma would have dressed in the 90s.
  • And I can imagine her home smelling somewhat like my grandparents.
  • Well, sort of.
  • I was going back and forth as to what song I would end this post with. Lately I’ve been about the 1960s, but for a change I’m in a waltzy mood.
  • This piece makes me visualize dancing in a ballroom in the 1800s, and being swung around by dapper gentlemen in suits.
  • Which would be a lot of fun as well.

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