Seen and heard this month


-The spring season in its early glory in my neighbourhood. I’ve been taking pictures mostly from my phone these days, but I really have to break out my good camera if I want the more superb shots.




Anne and Gilbert, those adorable little imps from the new tv adaptation. My feelings about the show? OH, I JUST LOVE THE WHOLE DAMN THING. Really, I think they’ve done practically everything right with this new adaptation, and it is perfect for today’s generation. And now that the season finale is coming up I won’t know what to do with myself. (Like I’ve said after many a tv show.)

-By fate or silly coincidence, I happened to turn on TCM last Easter weekend to this very scene from Godspell (the movie/musical). I have never seen it before, and have no idea what the hell heck is going on, but it sure is catchy. (Also… Um, hi Victor Garbor?!)

Whoops, wrong end.

HOLY SPACE. Blows my mind every time we go somewhere no person has gone than before.

This artist is so, so good at conveying what we all feel and think of the life experience.


-Before last week, I had no idea someone sang Respect before Aretha Franklin did. Well, now I know why: she owns it. (Figuratively, and probably literally.) And now I’ve got to listen to it again.



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