30 Day movie challenge: Day 4

Favourite horror movie

Yikes! I wasn’t even sure if I had a particular favourite horror movie, mainly because I find them far too intense to sit through. (Ok, fine, I’m just chicken.) But then I remembered….




Back in 2002, when I was a lowly eighth grader, its Americanized counterpart known as The Ring had just arrived in theatres; and it was through the video store (remember that??) that I was introduced to the original Japanese version. Let me tell you, it was terrifyingly perfect in all the right ways. The movie’s plot revolves around a series of deaths that are supposedly caused by a cursed video tape, and a young woman must figure out the mystery behind it to break the curse.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a hunched over girl dressed in a long white dress and long hair covering her face who climbs out of the tv to claim her victims. Nope, it didn’t give me nightmares at all.

Image from here


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