30 day movie challenge: Day 22

Most underrated film

A Matter of Life and Death (aka Stairway to Heaven)

When TCM doesn’t run a particular movie frequently, you know it’s either:

a) understandably bad

b) underrated

Thankfully, this movie falls into the latter category. For a mid to late 1940s flick, A Matter of Life and Death is a film that is remarkably ahead of its time in terms of the plot line: it’s about a English WWII pilot named Peter (played none other by David Niven) who miraculously survives bailing out of his plane. He ends up falling in love with an American lass from a nearby airbase (stationed in England), which creates a problem of him, because he was supposed to die. When his “conductor” from Heaven comes down to bring him back, Peter demands that his case to be brought the highest courts. Literally.

So, it’s part fantasy, part political (I guess), and part juridical drama, but it’s a great watch. It really is! AND NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT. WHY??

ps: look for a baby-face Richard Attenborough in this clip!

Image from here


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