My name is Madalyn. I am a freelance writer/editor, living in Toronto. I am also an aspiring novelist.

I’ve kept a couple of blogs in the last five years or so; my first was back in 2009(?!) while I was living away in university (because I needed some writing outlet in between all those essays), and a few years later, I started a new blog as a pastime/school assignment while I was in journalism school. I like to think of these past blogs almost as chapters, because they highlight the interesting stages I was going through as I wrote them.

I started this blog in January 2016 to begin a new chapter for myself; I’ll be sharing with you the escapades I go on, pictures, and whatever other ramblings I have going on in my head.

Some facts about me:

  • I’ve been dancing ballet since I was six
  • I loath playing any other kind of sport–except volleyball
  • I once sat on a plane with former PM Jean Chretien on the way back to university in 2009; it was my most exciting encounter with a politician until Rob Ford happened
  • I strongly believe in always having a baked good on hand
  • My favourite colour has always been bright red
  • I now only take iced coffee if there’s ice cream in it, because Australia ruined me for life

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