30 Day movie challenge: Day 19

Your favourite actor

Choices choices choices…. But in the end I have to go with Robert Young: immensely talented and immensely underrated. Oh, and a hunk to boot! Sadly, he had his share of troubles over the course of his life (battling alcohol and depression), but from other things I’ve read about him, I get the impression that he was just a really nice guy.

(Other honourable mentions include Buster Keaton, Sydney Poitier, and Chris Evans. Yep, him.)

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30 day movie challenge: Day 15

The first movie you saw in a theatre

At least I’m fairly certain this was the first film I saw in a theatre… Unless it was The Lion King, but I can’t stretch my memory that far back. I was around five or six at the time; the only thing I can distinctly remember about it is having to wait outside for the movie theatre to open, and looking up at the big poster on the wall outside…. Not the actual viewing of the movie itself. Bah.

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30 day movie challenge: Day 13

A movie you used to love but now hate

You’ve Got Mail


I used to find it a charming little rom-com. I really did. And I guess it still is, kind of… In that effortless Nora Ephron way: New York is wonderful (and no doubt it truly is), the changing seasons are perfect, and there’s an unmistakable air of mid-90s’ nostalgia (helloooo Internet dial-up tone!).

I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as actors (see Anastasia), but the characters they play in this movie started to get on my nerves. Joe Fox (played by Hanks) is a jerk. At least, when he’s not chatting up Kathleen Kelly (played by Ryan) in an online chat room. He builds his big name book store up the street from Kathleen’s independently owned children’s themed-bookstore (passed down from her mom), and forces her to close. And somehow, Kathleen ends up falling for him anyway! I will never get that, even if they did happen to fall for one another through the internet. And for the record, Joe totally leads Kathleen on when he figures out she’s the one he’s been chatting with the whole time.

As for Kathleen… Well, she was overly perky and annoying.

Even the lines get on my nerves: “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?” “That caviar is a garnish!” “Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino!

Other notes: Why oh why The Godfather references???

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