30 day movie challenge: Day 13

A movie you used to love but now hate

You’ve Got Mail


I used to find it a charming little rom-com. I really did. And I guess it still is, kind of… In that effortless Nora Ephron way: New York is wonderful (and no doubt it truly is), the changing seasons are perfect, and there’s an unmistakable air of mid-90s’ nostalgia (helloooo Internet dial-up tone!).

I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as actors (see Anastasia), but the characters they play in this movie started to get on my nerves. Joe Fox (played by Hanks) is a jerk. At least, when he’s not chatting up Kathleen Kelly (played by Ryan) in an online chat room. He builds his big name book store up the street from Kathleen’s independently owned children’s themed-bookstore (passed down from her mom), and forces her to close. And somehow, Kathleen ends up falling for him anyway! I will never get that, even if they did happen to fall for one another through the internet. And for the record, Joe totally leads Kathleen on when he figures out she’s the one he’s been chatting with the whole time.

As for Kathleen… Well, she was overly perky and annoying.

Even the lines get on my nerves: “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?” “That caviar is a garnish!” “Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino!

Other notes: Why oh why The Godfather references???

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Thoughts on a rainy Friday


  • I wonder if there’s any margarita mix lying around.
  • It is Cinco de Mayo after all.
  • A rather wet day for it, unfortunately.
  • If this is all the rain we’ll be getting, we’re in trouble.
  • It’s a lot of rain.
  • Whenever I go on Twitter and see people tweeting about the news, I feel like the dystopian society we read about in books is almost upon us.
  • Well, maybe for the US.
  • Not that it doesn’t/can’t affect us here in Canada.
  • And watching/hearing about the Hand Maid’s Tale doesn’t help much.
  • It was one of those books I always thought we owned at home, but we actually don’t.
  • I had always seen it in the book stores, though, and was mildly intrigued, but never picked it up.
  • Little did I know what sort of plot lurked beneath the cover.
  • Although I guess it always was a hint, of sorts.
  • Oh my, I think I want to try a Midnight Frappuccino.
  • It’s a Starbucks drink, if you were wondering.
  • Anything with chocolate and mint is a winner for me.
  • Or perhaps a S’mores one, which sounds equally delightful.
  • The only frappuccino I’ve ever had in my life is the Java Chip.
  • It was like a milk shake.
  • Only better.
  • The world is practically in crisis and I’m thinking about frappuccinos.
  • What a nice thought.
  • Thanks, Starbucks.
  • If you are trying to rope me into buying one of your drinks this summer, you will have succeeded.
  • I wish more headlines today were written like this.
  • Or this.
  • But I guess that’s what the Onion is for.
  • I wonder if I should get back into water colour painting.
  • I painted a lot back in the day.
  • Interesting, given that I’m not much of an artsy person.
  • Do what you enjoy, they say.
  • Or love, whatever.
  • This rainy day is affecting my train of thought.
  • I don’t have a music track in mind for this week, but I do have a Cinco de Mayo-ish themed video below. Kind of cute, no?


Thoughts before the Easter long Weekend

Jeune Femme, Etienne Adolphe Piot
  • If I had a bag of Cadbury mini eggs next to me, odds are good that I would be eating them.
  • As would any person in their right mind.
  • Instead, I have to settle for cheese.
  • Not ideal, but good enough.
  • Although I will need something sweet sooner or later.
  • I could even go for a cream egg.
  • Or better yet: A cream egg McFlurry.
  • I’ve had only one of those in my life thus far, and every time Easter rolls around, I find myself thinking of getting one.
  • Sadly, I never do.
  • Good god people, my ballet exam is in a month and a half.
  • I’m torn between nervousness and relief that it’s finally happening.
  • On the other hand, there’s still plenty I need practice on.
  • Uuuuunghhh.
  • At least it’s going to be done at our dance studio.
  • The one consolation I have.
  • Save me from myself and the horror of my left-side piqué turns.
  • Rumour has it a new Star Wars trailer has dropped. Exciting!
  • Haven’t watched it yet.
  • It’s rather sad knowing that this was Carrie Fisher’s last film.
  • There’s a lovely tribute for her that was released the other day, ahead of the new Star Wars trailer.
  • A real gem of a woman, Carrie was.
  • Scotland.
  • I’ve been getting really wanderlusty for the British Isles, as of late.
  • Or perhaps Europe in general.
  • Last time it was for Hawaii.
  • Mainly I want to prance around those rugged hills, and explore the ruins of centuries-old castles… All while breathing in the history.
  • Seems like magical place.
  • I’ve never actually been to the UK, ya know?
  • Not counting a stopover in Ireland, once.
  • For all of a day, and I never left the airport.
  • Can’t wait for my next getaway! Whenever that may be.
  • I’ll be sure to blog about it when it happens.
  • If it happens.
  • I promised myself that when I take my next European vacance, my biggest goal (aside from taking great pictures) is to be a trendy dresser.
  • I just want to look damn good in my photos for a change.
  • But for now, I leave you with this charming Easter-themed song by Rosemary Clooney.

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Thoughts on a snowy Friday

Am I crazy? Or do I see a storm trooper face in that snowy bush? Or a monster?
  • Oh, I’m having one of those days.
  • You know…  Those days.
  • Not the I’m on my period kind of days, mind you. But the kind of days where things things are just… Bleh.
  • Waiting an hour and half in the bus stop for my bus to come doesn’t help.
  • The only good thing being was that I was indoors.
  • You know what sort of helps? Tea.
  • But of course I was going to say that.
  • And food.
  • And this fellow.
  • Probably not the kind of thing I should admit to, but ah well.
  • Whenever I see him on TCM, it makes me happy.
  • Inexplicably happy.
  • Old school Hollywood crushes, yo.
  • I can’t believe Christmas is next weekend.
  • Not long ago I was emphasizing that Christmas was merely a month way.
  • That was a month ago.
  • *Gasp* I finally broke away from my iced peppermint mocha yesterday and tried…. An iced caramel brulé latte.
  • Honestly, I can’t say I was disappointed.
  • Whipping cream makes a wonder of a difference.
  • A glorified caramel macchiato, if you will.
  • I still enjoy my peppermint mocha.
  • This seems to be a recurring thought.
  • Well, it is the holiday season.
  • Here’s something for a change of thought: my battery is about to die.
  • And the dogs need to be walked.
  • Adieu.
  • Til next time.