30 Day movie challenge: Day 26

A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Actually, I have a few contenders:

  1. Sleepless in Seattle

Significantly and absolutely better than You’ve Got Mail.



I admit it! I got this movie when I was in the midst of my Beatles obsession in my teens.  It’s full of their early music and rather campy (although definitely not as campy as Help), but I still enjoy watching it from time to time.  And, I also have to admit, I found them pretty cute.


Ok, this is one my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures. I really only watch it for Kate Winslet and Jack Black (their budding romance is so much better than Jude and Cameron’s), the beautiful, overly-indulgent/unrealistic sets, and Eli Wallach–that dear, dear man. (The writing is meh.)

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30 Day movie challenge: Day 23

Your favourite character from any movie

Yeesh, that’s a tough one. It’s probably subject to change, but since I can’t think of anyone else right now, I would have to say Ida Corwin from Mildred Pierce, because she’d make a funny friend, and she’s the kind of woman whose witty/wisecracking attitude I aspire to have. Gotta love Eve Arden!





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30 day movie challenge: Day 17

The best movie you saw during the last year

Well, this is tough. There were about three good movies I saw in the last year… But of those three, the best film I saw would have to be…. Drum roll please….

I enjoyed it. I couldn’t help it. (Even more so than Fantastic Beasts, and I loved that movie when I saw it in the theatre.)

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30 day movie challenge: Day 15

The first movie you saw in a theatre

At least I’m fairly certain this was the first film I saw in a theatre… Unless it was The Lion King, but I can’t stretch my memory that far back. I was around five or six at the time; the only thing I can distinctly remember about it is having to wait outside for the movie theatre to open, and looking up at the big poster on the wall outside…. Not the actual viewing of the movie itself. Bah.

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