Seen and heard and read this month

Hot diggity, it’s already the end of June! Now, I usually can’t get over how quickly the month goes by, but this was lightening fast. So, what’s been happening? Let’s recap…


-The Tony Awards. I’m not as familiar with the Tonys as I am the Oscars, but it was a fun watch.

Taken on a visit to a local nursery


Reading early 20th century headlines prove to be the best kind of headlines.

I found this oddly amusing.


The Myst (remember that game??) OST. Despite not having any clue as to what I was doing, I loved playing it as a kid. My favourite track starts at around 6:30.

-Music from the Handmaid’s Tale series. I can’t say enough about the series, and the musical tracks they include just make it even better.


Cassandra Clare’s Lord of Shadows. Man, she’s goooood. When I was reading its prequel Lady Midnight, I didn’t feel much of a connection with the characters (perhaps from being hung up on the other set in her previous books), but after reading this book I warmed to them more.


Image from this site (check it out, it’s fun)

Seen, heard, and read this month

Taking a slight detour from my movie-blogging marathon… Sort of.


-Everything/anything about my favourite/least favourite movies. I’ll tell you, this challenge really got me thinking about my life choices.

-Creature feature movies on TCM Thursday nights. Think Godzilla, Them!, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Many of them hilariously awful.

-The Handmaid’s Tale series. I know I should probably have read the book first, but I couldn’t help it, with all the hype it’s gotten. It’s very good, and very eery.

A fun Star Wars take on the Moana song.

12 things to keep in mind when a terrorist attack happens.



Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey. Oh boy. If you write a WWII romance/mystery involving a hunky American pilot, and link it to present day through old letters, you have me hooked. It was kind of sad in some parts, but I liked it anyway.

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. Just barely into it, but I think it’s going to be a good read. I trust in Cassandra Clare.

Seen and heard this month


-The spring season in its early glory in my neighbourhood. I’ve been taking pictures mostly from my phone these days, but I really have to break out my good camera if I want the more superb shots.




Anne and Gilbert, those adorable little imps from the new tv adaptation. My feelings about the show? OH, I JUST LOVE THE WHOLE DAMN THING. Really, I think they’ve done practically everything right with this new adaptation, and it is perfect for today’s generation. And now that the season finale is coming up I won’t know what to do with myself. (Like I’ve said after many a tv show.)

-By fate or silly coincidence, I happened to turn on TCM last Easter weekend to this very scene from Godspell (the movie/musical). I have never seen it before, and have no idea what the hell heck is going on, but it sure is catchy. (Also… Um, hi Victor Garbor?!)

Whoops, wrong end.

HOLY SPACE. Blows my mind every time we go somewhere no person has gone than before.

This artist is so, so good at conveying what we all feel and think of the life experience.


-Before last week, I had no idea someone sang Respect before Aretha Franklin did. Well, now I know why: she owns it. (Figuratively, and probably literally.) And now I’ve got to listen to it again.


Seen, heard and read this month


Good movie! Makes me feel better about my own singing.

Mrs. Henderson Presents. The musical production, that is! Unfortunately, I thought it to be meh. I think I would have preferred watching Judi Dench in the title role.

-The latest Anne of Green Gables series! Gotta say, they’ve certainly added some new elements to it.

-A new hat…!!! (Slightly out of season now that the weather’s warming up, but ah well. Feminism!)

Getting some major Ranger Camp flashbacks while going through old pictures


-A joke that English lit nerds will get:

Doctor: “Sir/madam, I’m afraid you have onomatopoeia.”

Patient: “Oh no! What is it??”

Doctor: “It’s exactly as it sounds.”

-Some groovy music.

A poem I heard over the radio On World Poetry Day.



Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. Is love too strong a word to describe how I felt about this series? The old timey pictures first drew me in, and I’ve stuck with it since the beginning. I don’t think I’ve gone through a book so fast for quite some time. (IT WAS THE CHARACTERS.) Now it’s finished, I’m bummed, and what am I to read to next?

Image from here

Seen and heard and read this month


It was so warm this past weekend I almost could have gone without a scarf. But didn’t.


  • What can the musical Cabaret teach us about today’s society? More than you might guess.
  •  It goes without saying: tissues upon tissues upon tissues. More so than usual.
  • Snow. And then, melting snow.
  • Jack Reacher: NEVER GO BACK. I’m not one for action movies, but I gotta say this was pretty good.
  • The sun! Finally!
  • Valentine’s Day…. Stuff.
  • The Trudeau-Trump meeting. Just… Yeeuugh.
  • Anything with Trump just… Yeeeeuuugh.


  • Whatever crap that comes out of the POTUS’ office, ho hum….
  • Stuff about the latest great new Netflix series. This time, it’s Riverdale based on the Archie comics. (AND I STILL DON’T HAVE NETFLIX.)
  • A particularly lovely story (first half) from Canada’s story-teller, Stuart McLean (of the Vinyl Cafe), who sadly passed away last week. I used to listen to his radio show when I was living away at university, and in the years afterward; his stories were always funny and touching, and a comfort to listen to.


  • Finally half way finished with this book! After three years of stopping and re-reading. I’ve stopped again, but I’ll finish it sooner or later.
  • The English Patient. So far, it seems to be a good read, but I’m on the fence about whether I’m liking it or not.
  • A Dangerous Inheritance. Only a few chapters in, but I am most certainly intrigued.


Lastly, thinking about this quote:

“It’s funny these trips we take: to beaches and cottages, to mountains and lakes, and sometimes to the highways, to the place between places. We leave the things that we love, the things that are familiar to us, and trade them for the new and the different. City folks like me often head to the country; country folks are often city bound. We see things big and small, old and new and we collide with one another. We come together as strangers, and, if we’re lucky, learn over and over how much we are connected to one another; how even, in our differences, we are the same, and how, when we consider it, how safe the world usually is. Full of people, just like us who are trying their best to do the right thing, and be their best self.”

Stuart McLean, the Vinyl Cafe, September 2010


Seen and heard this month

One! More! Day! Of! January! Since everything and everyone is feeling particularly shitty during this time of political turmoil, I bring you light and positivity in the form of a blog post.


-Moana! Oh my, such a beautiful movie.

Something relaxing. (And holy crap, does the water look amazing.)

-Krispy Creme donuts. Love love love. (I’m all for cream-filled goodness.)

-A compilation of gorgeous scenes in various Disney movies.

-Rain. Mist. Snow… Sometimes all at once.

-Confusion, sadness, fear, irritation… But also, at times, happy!

-Cold. Then warm again. Then cold again. Because, weather.

-Stiff muscles…. Again.

Thinking about…

-Hawaii. Or any place where there is a beach and lots of sun.


Favourite line: “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

A final seen and heard for… 2016

Not seen: SO MUCH FOOD.


Well here we are. At the end of another December! And another year, for that matter. It seems that the general consensus is that 2016 has been a sucky, sucky year. And with the sad recent passings of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds to round things out, it has made it an all too depressing reality… Which is why I’m burying my face in a bowl of ice cream as I write this post.

But I’m not here to drag on about 2016. It’s (almost) over and done with, and I’d rather not dwell on it any longer. Let’s get back to me! As always. And look ahead to a brand new year.


Or what I like to call, heaven in a box.

-More snow. This, after all, is just the beginning. (But at least we got something of a white Christmas, which was nice.)

-Rogue One! Fantastic Beasts! Both exceptionally good movies!

-A crap ton of tv Christmas movies… Both good, awful and in-between. But I must admit, I rather miss seeing them on tv now. Why can’t we have more feel good crap like that on tv?

-A s’mores maker!!!

-Home Alone. I think it’s my favourite holiday film, if only for the lines. (Namely, “keep the change ya filthy animal!” Classic.)

-My favourite Debbie Reynolds number.

-The best thing about this time of year is that it gives you an excuse to eat anything you want at any given time, and to get those foods you only seem to have once a year. In our house… M&Ms appetizers and Chinese food.


Christmas music. Lots. But I don’t miss hearing it on the radio, weirdly enough, unlike those Christmas shows.

And so, dear readers, whoever you may be…. I wish you all…






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