Seen and heard lately


Some special boys

We are officially over the hump of March. The snow has been melting around here thank goodness, but all that melting snow makes for messy dog walking outings. And I just loooove cleaning doggie paws. However, the birds are singing and spring is on the way, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Ok, I said I would see it and I did: CAPTAIN MARVEL! Did I enjoy it? Ooooh yes. All the assholes commentators who bashed this movie based on the trailer can eat their words. It was full of action, and Carol Danvers/Vers (played by Brie Larson) gave us good reason to love her as a Marvel super hero, and as an inspiration to young girls. Now I have to figure out how to get a Captain Marvel costume.

The Pirates of Penzance. Aw, When the Foeman Bares his Steel has been tinkering around my head since last week, but the fact that Linda Ronstadt is singing in this clip makes it better. (Plus, Tony Azito as the police chief is a one-man wonder.)

Save Family Photos. Every photograph has a story behind it, and this Instagram page helps preserve those stories through people submitting their old family photos. I tend to go down a rabbit hole when I browse through the pictures, because they’re so interesting. (This photo I particularly like, but all of them are amazing really.)


Still Me, Jojo Moyes. Ah, the adventures of Louisa Clarke continue! This time we see her living the big life in New York after she had accepted a job as a live-in assistant in the previous book. Louisa has come a long way since the first book; the series (which I think this might be the concluding book?) has really demonstrated her growth throughout since meeting Will Traynor as his caregiver in the first novel. As I was reading Still Me, I wasn’t sure whether I really liked or not. It’s a great read, no doubt and there were some elements about it that I really liked (and holy jshfjsdhfjsh there were some plot twists I didn’t see coming!), but something about it affected my over all liking of it. I’m not sure if it was some of the scenarios that Lou was placed in or if it was some of the characters… Whatever it is I can’t quite lay my finger on it. Ok, now what shall I read next?

Not so strangers. This writing piece gives me a sense of comfort and familiarity in a cruel and unforgiving world.



A brand new baked ziti, courtesy of the NY Times. I made this at the beginning of the month to switch-up my recipes, and it was a hit. In the NY Times I trust.


All of the sudden I find myself listening to Joni Mitchell. This is my life now.


Wise words

“Dare to declare who you are. It is not far from the shores of silence to the boundaries of speech. The path is not long, but the way is deep. You must not only walk there, you must be prepared to leap.” – Hildegard of Bingen


Happy International Women’s Day!

Seen and heard and more

Just another manic snow day

Greetings from the Arctic! Also known as Canada, also known as the polar vortex capital of the world. How is your month going? Mine is moving as swift as a coursing river in the winter. We’ve seen had two big snows this month alone,  and another one is along the way. Then it’s supposed to warm up again. Funsies! Now, on to what else has been going on this month.


  • A ballerina’s routine. I don’t know, I just love watching people’s routines, especially in the morning.
  • The new Frozen trailer. Hold on… It looks…. good??
  • Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim challenge. Indeed it is a challenge, because I have had no winning cups as of yet.
  • Mr. Selfridge, which I can now finally watch on Netflix. Now it just makes me want to don Edwardian clothing. Or maybe I just want to do that on a tv show, I don’t know. Either way, my goal is to make the masses stare in wonder.
  • I’ve been re-watching this scene from 2005’s Pride and Prejudice. It’s awkward and adorable, and I enjoy it greatly. And the scenery around the house where it was filmed is beautiful!
  • The film Now Voyager. It has long been a favourite classic of mine, and I’ve decided that if there was one dress of Bette Davis’s I could wear somewhere, this would be it. BIG TIME.


  • Lollipop, by the Chordettes. It’s been some time since I’d heard it last and I don’t even know how I came across it, but it strangely makes for good writing background music.
  • Speaking which, some sound writing advice: If you want to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. I keep hearing this, so it must be a sign. Which is good, because see below.
  • This catchy 1920s tune. (Beware the kazoo in it.)


The Clockmaker’s Daughter, by Kate Morton. This is first time reading Kate Morton, and I have to say that I quite liked it. As a mystery/historical fiction (which I love in a book), the plot and characters got a bit confusing at times… but I caught on eventually. Kate’s writing has a very gentle pace to it (which might be a turn off for some especially in the beginning), yet it kept me entranced right through to the end. Now I will definitely have to check out her other books.

Now I’m on to Still Me, by Jojo Moyes. Review coming soon…

Currently waiting for

  • The Star Wars ep. IX title. It’s been an absolutely agonizing wait, and it continues.
  • The Detective Pikachu Movie, but it’s not out until May. I just want hear Ryan Reynolds rattling out Pikachu’s lines, is that so much to ask?
  • Captain Marvel, but that comes out next month.
  • Basically I’m waiting on movies. And maybe the next Shadow Hunters novel. And maybe an ending to my book, which I still don’t know, because I’m barely halfway through. Gah, someone make me write.





An odd sense of regret

Not my photo, but I can definitely say that I owned at least three of the Polly Pockets shown here!

Deep in the depths of the basement of my family’s home lurks a treasure trove of artifacts from my 90s’ childhood.

Large pink and turquoise Rubbermaid containers sit precariously on metal shelves among the smorgasbord of unused household items, collecting dust and taking up space. In them are some of my oldest, and I daresay dearest toys: my Barbies (plus one container filled clothing and accessories!), a few colourful My Little Ponies, and my favourite stuffed animals (Beanie Babies included). Two plastic dollhouses–one an awesome Barbie folding house, the other a Fisher Price house that I still remember the thrill of getting for a Christmas present–are among them.

These old toys of mine lie in wait for a pair of young hands to take them out of the dark and give them a new lease on life. Ok, so maybe Toy Story has had too much a bit of an influence on me.

As the youngest of three kids, I’m the one who has held on to the majority of this stuff the longest. That probably says more about me than I care to admit, but ah well. Although  my older sister, who I might add has long since moved out, still has her own container of 80s’ vintage Barbies sitting next to mine.  I mean….. ?!!!!!!

That being said, over the last ten years I’ve done random purges of those containers. And wowee, I had a lot of stuff. Polly Pockets! McDonald’s happy meal toys! Spice Girl dolls! Sailor Moon dolls!!! Ugly Cabbage Patch dolls!!!!!!

Basically, I had the girliest of girl toys that ever graced the 1990s.

Most of those I got rid of with no problem–the rattier stuffed animals, ugly beanie babies, the even uglier dolls (looking at you, Spice Girls). But some items, of course, I was rather sorry to have to toss. Why? They were awesome, but they were also just… old.

As for my last remaining toys… That my friends, is where an odd sense of regret lies.

I am on the cusp of turning 30; I definitely don’t have any more use these toys. They are well worn (lovingly I might add), out of date, and probably not cool or worth anything by today’s standards. All the same, they were a wonderful part of my childhood: they kept me amused on boring afternoons, comforted me on sad days, and inspired some of the best (and weirdest) adventures my imagination had to offer them.

I would certainly regret having to get rid of the last of my toys. The thought of them going into a dumpster or a stranger’s home depresses me more than it should.

But in a weird way I also have some regret in keeping them as well. They’re never used now, so what’s the point? What exactly am I holding on to, if I take out the sentimental aspect? At times I think maybe it’s silly for me to still keep them. If I were to have daughters (hypothetically) in the not so distant future, would they be remotely interested in these old things? My guess would be no… I think.

My parents would probably love it if I got rid of my toys once and for all; that or move them into a storage unit if I still can’t part with them. (But I still live at home, so what can I say?)

I know the time will come when I will eventually have to give them up. It may happen in two years or fifty years, but until I decide, my beautiful collection of remaining toys are here to stay.

Image from here




Snow day


As I was out trudging through the snow on this morning’s walk, I thought to myself, my six year old self would be absolutely loving this. We had a huge snow fall the other afternoon, and it lasted well into early this morning. As a result, the snow was so deep it was almost up to my knees. As an adult it’s slightly overwhelming, but if I were six I’d be doing face plants into it. And back then, I probably did. Because snowfalls, you know, came more frequently and it stayed colder longer, all because climate change hadn’t quite dug its nails in yet. (Although it was certainly getting there.)

But how often do we get snows like this? Rarely. Is it pretty? Yes. Does it bring back memories? Definitely. Snow forts, snow men and hot chocolate, yes, but at the same time: wet pink snow pants, damp smelly mitts and this ugly purple… thing, that went over my head with only an opening for my face. I can’t even call it a hat. I wore it for years, and I despised it. I still hate it. If you think you can visualize it, you don’t want to.

Have a nice snowy day.


Seen and heard lately


It appears we are in the midst of a deep freeze. This was the temperature on Sunday, and yesterday morning it was -20. Or -4, in Fahrenheit. What fun! I holed myself indoors so I could run on the treadmill (at the same time doing laundry) and baked banana crumb muffins. (It’s a great recipe, btw.)


  • Pretty winter sunsets
  • More snow.
  • On the Basis of Sex. History and law stuff aside (fascinating as it was), the one thing I was really digging was Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s ponytail with a scarf tied into it whenever they filmed her walking from behind. Ps: That woman is a LEGEND.
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Finally!! I’ve been meaning to watch this for some time, so thanks Netflix! It’s oddly relaxing.
  • The new Gillette commercial–it is incredibly timely, and so important.
  •  Secrets of Great British Castles, which I started watching before Christmas. And let me tell you, I’m sorry it ended after only three seasons because I wanted Dan Jones to share the history on more castles! There are hundreds of thousands more (I exaggerate slightly) all over the UK they still need to investigate. I think I’ll have to re-watch it because my cuppeth of British castles hath not runneth over.


No interesting/weirdo song choices this month yet 😦 However, instead I have been listening to ambience noise to fall asleep to. I particularly like listening to underwater.


Oh, Cassandra Clare. Anything you write makes me ridiculously happy, and Queen of Air and Darkness is no exception. If there was one YA novel universe I could drop into, it would have to be the Shadowhunter world. A) because it would be badass, and B) I would be absolutely guaranteed a great love interest (and plenty of sexual tension). I give QoAaD 10 steles out of ten.

Apparently playing Mario 64 makes you smarter. Now where can I get my hands on this game?


Slipped on the steps getting into the bus last week and scraped my left shin. Now I’ve got bruises. Ouch.


And because it’s suitably freezing outside, I’ll let Elsa take it away with her stirring rendition of “Let it Go”

Things accomplished since January 1st, 2019

  • Making more homemade sugar cookies
  • Squeezing in more frequent stretching periods (yes, I am still forever trying to do the splits)
  • Getting to bed before midnight
  • Actually reading while in bed
  • Reading an honest-to-god solid book (Queen of Air and Darkness–permission to AAAAHHH)
  • Getting my hair cut
  • Writing spurts of my novel (forever an ongoing process)
  • Jogging… Ish.
  • Buying a new set of pjs