Thoughts on a Friday

Springtime crocuses in the garden
  • Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate.
  • Especially if there is a vast internet landscape before you.
  • I’ve had my computer away from me for the past two days to get its battery replaced and now I’m just drinking everything in.
  • Remember a time before the internet?
  • I do.
  • Vaguely.
  • All that spare time I had as a kid!
  • Filled with reading, barbies, outdoor activities and colouring books.
  • If I were an adult in the 90s, I’d probably be bored to tears.
  • Or so I’d like to think.
  • But I would probably be too busy living a life to be lured by the sirens of the web.
  • Which, as a matter of fact, wasn’t even spectacular back then.
  • No youtube, no netflix, no social media…
  • Dull, dull, dull.
  • According to something I watched recently (online of course), Generation Z (the ones following Millennials) is the first group to not remember a time before the internet.
  • How about that.
  • In a way, they’re kind of lucky.
  • I didn’t even know there was a generation following “The Greatest Generation”.
  • Didn’t even cross my mind, because I just assumed they were lumped in together.
  • But no!
  • From about 1926 onwards to 1945, they were the “Traditionalists,” or the “Silent Generation.”
  • Makes sense, I suppose.
  • My maternal grandma was in that demographic.
  • Even more shocking was that I discovered no one from the Silent Generation has/had ever been elected president.
  • Alright, so the thing I watched recently was American.
  • Can’t say the same thing about Canadian Prime Ministers, however.
  • And I did a quick background check to make sure this was true.
  • Off-hand question: When you pipe in during a conversation (not interrupting), and the other person tells you they weren’t talking to you… Is it rude?
  •  This happened to me the other day. I’d explain the situation, but it’s slightly complex.
  • The alleged person wasn’t very nice about it, either.
  • But I brushed it off.
  • Mostly.
  • I didn’t think I was being rude by chiming in, but maybe it wasn’t an appropriate time.
  • Or maybe they were just grumpy.
  • At times I wish I were more of a chatty/outgoing person, but incidents like this one gives me all the more reason to just not say anything.
  • Forever.
  • Maybe I’m just sensitive.
  • No, I’m definitely sensitive.
  • So I shall leave it at that.
  • I want a chocolate.
  • There’s still Easter candy sitting by me that’s waiting to be devoured.
  • But first, the dogs must be walked.
  • Time to take off.
  • So, here’s this week’s music: take it away, MJ!

Thoughts before the Easter long Weekend

Jeune Femme, Etienne Adolphe Piot
  • If I had a bag of Cadbury mini eggs next to me, odds are good that I would be eating them.
  • As would any person in their right mind.
  • Instead, I have to settle for cheese.
  • Not ideal, but good enough.
  • Although I will need something sweet sooner or later.
  • I could even go for a cream egg.
  • Or better yet: A cream egg McFlurry.
  • I’ve had only one of those in my life thus far, and every time Easter rolls around, I find myself thinking of getting one.
  • Sadly, I never do.
  • Good god people, my ballet exam is in a month and a half.
  • I’m torn between nervousness and relief that it’s finally happening.
  • On the other hand, there’s still plenty I need practice on.
  • Uuuuunghhh.
  • At least it’s going to be done at our dance studio.
  • The one consolation I have.
  • Save me from myself and the horror of my left-side piqué turns.
  • Rumour has it a new Star Wars trailer has dropped. Exciting!
  • Haven’t watched it yet.
  • It’s rather sad knowing that this was Carrie Fisher’s last film.
  • There’s a lovely tribute for her that was released the other day, ahead of the new Star Wars trailer.
  • A real gem of a woman, Carrie was.
  • Scotland.
  • I’ve been getting really wanderlusty for the British Isles, as of late.
  • Or perhaps Europe in general.
  • Last time it was for Hawaii.
  • Mainly I want to prance around those rugged hills, and explore the ruins of centuries-old castles… All while breathing in the history.
  • Seems like magical place.
  • I’ve never actually been to the UK, ya know?
  • Not counting a stopover in Ireland, once.
  • For all of a day, and I never left the airport.
  • Can’t wait for my next getaway! Whenever that may be.
  • I’ll be sure to blog about it when it happens.
  • If it happens.
  • I promised myself that when I take my next European vacance, my biggest goal (aside from taking great pictures) is to be a trendy dresser.
  • I just want to look damn good in my photos for a change.
  • But for now, I leave you with this charming Easter-themed song by Rosemary Clooney.

Image from here

Words for a rainy Thursday


It isn’t raining rain to me,
It’s raining daffodils;
In every dimpled drop I see
Wild flowers on the hills.
The clouds of grey engulf the day
And overwhelm the town —
It isn’t raining rain to me,
It’s raining roses down.

It isn’t raining rain to me,
But fields of clover bloom
Where any buccaneering bee may find a bed and room.
A health unto the happy,
A fig for him who frets!
It isn’t raining rain to me,
It’s raining violets.

By Robert Loveman

Image from here

Seen, heard and read this month


Good movie! Makes me feel better about my own singing.

Mrs. Henderson Presents. The musical production, that is! Unfortunately, I thought it to be meh. I think I would have preferred watching Judi Dench in the title role.

-The latest Anne of Green Gables series! Gotta say, they’ve certainly added some new elements to it.

-A new hat…!!! (Slightly out of season now that the weather’s warming up, but ah well. Feminism!)

Getting some major Ranger Camp flashbacks while going through old pictures


-A joke that English lit nerds will get:

Doctor: “Sir/madam, I’m afraid you have onomatopoeia.”

Patient: “Oh no! What is it??”

Doctor: “It’s exactly as it sounds.”

-Some groovy music.

A poem I heard over the radio On World Poetry Day.



Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. Is love too strong a word to describe how I felt about this series? The old timey pictures first drew me in, and I’ve stuck with it since the beginning. I don’t think I’ve gone through a book so fast for quite some time. (IT WAS THE CHARACTERS.) Now it’s finished, I’m bummed, and what am I to read to next?

Image from here

“Listen to the song of life” edition of thoughts

My personal aesthetic.
  • One of the most satisfying feelings out there is finishing a book you actually enjoyed reading.
  • It happened with me these past two weeks.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve read such a good book, so therefore it’s worth noting.
  • I won’t tell you what it is, because… I’m saving it for an upcoming blog post.
  • Aha! About time.
  • So much for keeping up with blogging consistency.
  • This month has been ripe with creative constipation.
  • It happens every so often.
  • But one must push through it!
  • That, and I’ve also been busy.
  • But not today.
  • Today, I write.
  • Write, and stare out the window.
  • And find music to listen to on youtube.
  • It looks like rain.
  • Spring arrived this week as well, bringing with it below-freezing temperatures.
  • But it’s getting warmer.
  • Or so we’re told.
  • You know, sometimes I like to believe in fate.
  • Like, if it’s meant to be for you, the opportunity will present itself.
  • An interview with Robert Osborne (RIP) and Kim Novak I was watching last weekend got me thinking about that.
  • She seems to definitely be about the fates and destiny sort of thing.
  • Or rather, she just fell into the acting gig and went along for the ride.
  • Do you call that fate, or just rolling with it?
  • What is fate?
  • There I go, waxing philosophic again.
  • Probably not the word I’m looking for, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.
  • But this goes well with the Katharine Hepburn quote above.
  • “Listen to the song of life!”
  • Which brings me to mention that I also watched a good Katharine Hepburn bio not long ago.
  • I want to be a lady like her in my golden years.
  • At least then I will have an excuse to be sassy.
  • Which isn’t to say I’m not sassy right at this stage in life.
  • KH dressed like my grandma would have dressed in the 90s.
  • And I can imagine her home smelling somewhat like my grandparents.
  • Well, sort of.
  • I was going back and forth as to what song I would end this post with. Lately I’ve been about the 1960s, but for a change I’m in a waltzy mood.
  • This piece makes me visualize dancing in a ballroom in the 1800s, and being swung around by dapper gentlemen in suits.
  • Which would be a lot of fun as well.

Friday in the gray

Of course, the cat doesn’t care who she’s next to. What so ever.
  • Nothing says global warming like 16 degree temperatures in February.
  • I mean, it’s nice weather, but at the same time oh god.
  • Any snow we started with in December has finally melted.
  • Anytime I worry that the world might be going to hell in a hand basket, I try to remember the good things that are happening as well.
  • One doesn’t always hear about them, but they’re there.
  • Look for the helpers, Mister Rogers would say.
  • Or just watch a video on cute puppies or kittens.
  • Can’t go wrong with that.
  • I took a trip down memory lane by sorting through my old grade school stuff today.
  • Boy did I love making art.
  • From the sparkles that got everywhere, to the construction paper, to the glue that stuck on the fingers.
  • Even if the creation ended up looking like crap.
  • Oh, and my writing was fit for a 6 year old.
  • Thankfully, it has since improved.
  • And thankfully my parents appreciated my stuff.
  • I think.
  • But the best part was when I was reading about a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, and I casually mentioned how we got stuck in traffic on the 401 west bound.
  • The specific details are incredible.
  • The second best part was my two sentence ghost story, circa 1995.
  • “A ghost is white. The ghost is scary.”
  • It’s that short.
  • And my teacher commented, “A good first story!”
  • In a painful sort of way.
  • La douleur equise. 
  • A beautiful word with a painful meaning behind it.
  • Wanting someone you can’t have.
  • The indescribable want of something.
  • For me, I don’t know what that something is.
  • The music I’ve included down below is to inspire you to go out and conquer the weekend. Or world, whatever.

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