Some of the finished results


Currently my odds of getting onto the Great Canadian Baking Show don’t look too hot.

As you can see, the cookie in the far left hand corner was the result of piping bag experimentation. I used a butter cream icing; not sure if it was the icing itself or the fact that I might have had the wrong piping tip, but it didn’t go as detailed as I would have liked it to. By the time I got to the third cookie things were looking sloppy, so I ended up smoothing everything out and dressed them up with sparkly sugar (and a few dragees). Much better! Now they look more like sparkly pale starfish, but hey, at least they’re still tasty. I’ve only done half the batch, and may try the rest with royal icing. (But only if my patience holds out.)


A preview of coming attractions

Some special snow flakes

I did some experimental baking today by trying a sugar cookie recipe, shaped like… Well, you know. In the end they turned out alright. But the real experiment will come when I have to decorate them. Stay tuned…

Seen and heard lately (and then some)

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’ve gotta say, that’s the strangest name variation I’ve gotten on a Starbucks cup! How does one get “Menny” out of “Maddy”? But never mind that, I’m happy that I’ve at had at least one iced Peppermint mocha this past week. Now that it’s closer to the holiday season, you know I’ll be talking about peppermint mochas more often than usual.


Anything the Pacific North West Ballet does for their Nutcracker production on their Instagram page. Nothing against The NBC’s Nutcracker… But I love their work. I really do.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I read the book ages ago, and loooooved it, and finally having seen the film adaptation, I thought it was most enjoyable! Of course, there are always some elements in the book version that lacked in the film. But the movie had some nice additions I never saw in the book that worked out surprisingly well (and possibly liked even better).

-The Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. Gosh darn it, I’m roped into watching it every year. Why?

Not gonna lie, I get chills hearing those opening notes.

-A community theatre production of Beauty and the Beast I saw last weekend. A few wonky sound issues aside, I thought it held up considerably well, and all the characters were very good.

-Speaking of Disney, how about that new Lion King trailer???!

Solid advice.


-Brooklyn 99. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without watching it.

Not seen:

-The West Minster Kennel Club and seeing all those doggos prance around 😦


The Nightingale, by Tchaikovsky. Remember in my last post I thought Tchaikovsky to be a cheeky fellow? Well, I still think him to be somewhat cheeky, but also very complex. After doing a bit of research on his life, I’ve since learned that his story is rather sad. But there’s something to be said about this particular piece; it’s very hopeful.

Giant Steps, by John Coltrane. So complex sounding, it kind of makes my brain itch.

Currently reading:

I feel bad about my neck, by Nora Ephron. Simply put, I want to emulate her writing style. Who else can turn an so-so story into a quaint humorous essay as well as she could? I probably could… If you gave me 20 more years or so of good life experience.

Trying to write:

-The same story I’ve been working on for a year.

-This blog post, which I have been using as a procrastination tool to avoid writing the above.


CREME BRULÉE AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. Even after eating three (or was it four?) servings of it. Not all at once, that is.

Thoughts on a Friday




  • Some days, I really want a pet bird.
  • I have no explanation as to why, but I do.
  • Well, actually there is an explanation: I used to have birds growing up.
  • Budgies, and a cockatiel.
  • I suppose looking at bird videos don’t help.
  • But another explanation might be that I want the bird to take after my dogs and learn to bark when someone comes to the door.
  • Maybe not such a good thing.
  • But it would certainly be funny.
  • Oh my god, the Detective Pikachu trailer came out earlier this week and I can’t stop thinking about it.
  •  I want to see it now.
  • I didn’t think I needed Ryan Reynolds to be the voice of Pikachu, but apparently I was very wrong.
  • My brain cells can’t take it any more.
  • Most importantly, I was waiting for Pikachu to drop an f-bomb.
  • I wasn’t alone in thinking this.
  •  Maybe it’s because we’re all too used to Dead Pool at this point.
  • Oh god, now there’s a Dumbo Trailer.
  • Send help, Dumbo’s too adorable for words.
  • Because it’s a chilly November day and there’s a sufficient amount of snow on the ground, I decided to do a little bit of baking today.
  • Butter tarts!
  • Though the pastry crust appears questionable.
  • They look great, otherwise.
  • If I were to go on the Great Canadian Bake Off, I think the judges would tell me I have to brush up on my pastry.
  • Sweet sassy molassy is my new favourite saying this week.
  • All thanks to Eugene from Walking Dead.
  • What a week it has been.
  • I took a contemporary dance class for the first time in a long while, and it went pretty ok.
  • After years of ballet, this was almost…. Liberating???
  • The last time I took a contemporary dance class I was in university.
  • I remember we did a piece for the showcase at the end of the year, and while I wasn’t too keen on the dance itself, I liked the song we danced to.
  • I still dig it.
  • Very contemporary.
  • Maybe I should put it back on my iPod.
  • Oh, and some thrilling news to report: I’m an auntie to new niece!
  • My nephew and now (two) nieces live in Australia, so alas, making my acquaintance to this new being will have to be through face time.
  • For now.
  • But we will meet soon enough.
  • With Stan Lee’s passing earlier, it doesn’t feel real.
  • It seemed as if he could go on forever.
  • But at the very least he can go in our hearts.
  • That baking has given me a craving for chocolate.
  • Good thing there are still Halloween goodies left over.
  • But it’s halfway to Christmas, so……
  • Pikachu.
  • Dammit!
  • You should never have a charming actor voice do the voice an already cute character.
  • Thanks Ryan Reynolds, you’ve needlessly ruined my life.
  • Update on butter tarts: will have to consider using baking cups next time. Mess!
  • Ending this post on a Mamma Mia! note with a upbeat Abba song.
  • I might also add that this scene has to be one of the most richly satisfying movie endings ever.
  • Even if Meryl Streep’s character is dead.


Thoughts on the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch series



To get into more of a Halloween spirit, I decided to start watching the new Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Truth be told, it’s the first series I’ve started on Netflix. Mainly, because I’ve only just gotten it recently (whoo!). I have heard pretty much everything there is to know about series such as Stranger Things (The Upsidedown), Riverdale (darker than the comics??) and of course, The Crown (Doctor Who as Duke Philip).

I’m only halfway into the second half of the first episode; so far it’s good, and I feel myself acclimatizing to whatever teenage life is today (albeit an imaginative version). Is it dark? Yep. Creepy? Yep. Different than the Melissa Joan Hart version? Oh yes. So allow me to take you through my thoughts as I watch it, without trying to give away spoilers.

  • Oh mah god, Michelle Gomez is in this? Aka, Missy from Doctor Who???
  • I’m even more amused by the fact that Etta from the Wonder Woman movie (aka Steve Trevor’s secretary) is one of Sabrina’s aunts.
  • Basically, she’s still playing Etta.
  • I would like adore her as my aunt.
  • Miranda Otto, aka Eowyn from LOTR: The Two Towers? This cast keeps getting better and better.
  • Above all things, I’m really into Sabrina’s red coat and red everything else. It’s perfect.
  •  Kieran Shipka plays a good Sabrina, but I still see her as Sally Draper.
  • I’m also finding it hard to wrap my head around that Sabrina is set in the Archie universe.
  • Just a town away, totally different drama is unfolding.
  •  The lead up to my 16th birthday was never so exciting.
  • Sabrina and her boyfriend Harvey are a very touchy-feely couple.
  • I’d find it cute if I didn’t blame it on the fact that they’re teens and their hormones are off the wall.
  • I’d like to live near the woods.
  • Creepy atmosphere not withstanding.
  • I’d also like a black cat.
  • I’d also like many of the outfits worn on this show.
  • Really digging those Peter Pan collars.
  • Also: Where are everyone’s parents?
  • Does no one seem bothered by the gloomy atmosphere in the town?
  • Or the fact that it always feels like Halloween?
  • Or the dark history?
  • Who runs this joint?
  • Viewing to be continued… Maybe.
  • Maybe I should get into watching The Crown instead.
  • Because for some reason I feel like this show ages me.

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