Seen and heard (and read!) lately



Happy (belated) birthday to me! I’m 29, last year of my twenties. 28 was a surprisingly rocky year, and filled with learning experiences–both good and not so good. But with any luck I hope to take these experiences and allow them to guide me in the future. My main objective this 29th year is to make it count; take for instance, I plan on getting my hair coloured next week (highlights), because switching up my hair colour excites me like nothing else. So here we go!



Fall colours, everywhere, much to my delight! Complete with misty dreary weather which makes the leaves stand out all the more.

-Halloween decor, plus the endless boxes of chocolate and candy.

-Marvel’s Infinity War movie… Finally!!! I had already seen the spoilers/know what happens and who dies, but I didn’t care. It was pretty good. And it makes me all the more pumped for Captain Marvel next March…!!! (Although I can’t believe they’ve already wrapped up filming the final Avengers chapter.)

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Finally!!! Ok, I’m sad to report that it was not as good as I would have liked it to be, but never the less it fulfilled my Star Wars craving (because the wait for Ep. IX is killing me). But the best thing about it? Landoooooooooooooooo!

The latest adventures of Doctor Who in her latest reincarnation. All I can say is that she is perfect and I love her.


Speaking of which, the Captain Marvel trailer looks pretty exciting!

A fascinating video on the process of a WW1 VAD nurse dressing for work. (ps: I’m pretty sure the fellow near the end is in love with her. Just saying.)


-Phil Collins, liiiiiive. What a fun concert! Having never been a fan of his, I was pretty darn impressed at his performance, despite having had some recent surgeries on his back. Now I’m going to be like this whenever one of his songs comes on the radio.

These arms of mine.


Before the Devil Breaks You, by Libba Bray.  Holy applesauce, what a page-turner! I liked it a lot and I look forward to the final instalment…. Whenever that’s going to be.

Persuasion, by Jane Austen. Ok, this one’s a re-read but I couldn’t help myself.

Reading anything good? Seen anything good lately?

Happy fall, peeps!


September Joy


I thought I wasn’t ready for the summer to come to a close.

I was wrong.

It’s been warm and humid as July these past few weeks, but that familiar autumnal change is happening everywhere. Namely, the gradual leaves’ colours on the trees. I’ve been loving the shorts weather and I will miss going out the door without a coat dearly, but autumn is autumn. This is the month of back to school nostalgia, and apple cinnamon-y scented everything. I am happily ready to embrace all the season has to offer–unless it’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte, to which I will politely decline. And of course, it is my birthday this month, so there’s that.

So, what else am I looking forward to this month (besides the changing leaves)? I shall tell you:

  • Fall clothing. I have spied (and moreover, bought) plenty of nice tops, and no doubt more will follow.
  • Plaid everything.
  • My book Before the Devil Breaks You, the third novel in the Diviners series by Libba Bray. I’ve already started it and it’s wonderfully good, but I’m starting to wonder if I should hold off until October when it’s high spooky time?? On second thought, nah. (But I will take it as slowly as I can into October.)
  • The return of a few of my favourite shows: Anne with an E, The Great Canadian Baking Show, The Frankie Drake Mysteries… And look at that, they’re all Canadian. What ho!
  • Plus a new-ish show called the Bletchely Circle, which is a period piece/crime show that I’m looking forward to starting.
  • The pop up Halloween Spirit stores. I’m so excited to go in one.
  • The mere idea of fall festivities (re: apple picking, fall fairs, pumpkin patch roaming, etc.); I rarely do any of those things because I think they’re rather twee, but they’re still fun to think about.
  • Shorter days, which mean evening walks in the dark with the doggos!

SO, I ask you this: what are you personally looking forward to this season? Don’t say drinking PSLs… Unless they reeeeally make you happy.


After seeing the National Ballet of Canada’s production of Cinderella a few years, I instantly think of it as a fall classic. It’s not in their line up this season, sadly, but if it were I would be booking tickets immediately. But I love this piece, so here you go.

What I’ve been up to lately


Greetings from my September perch, fellow readers. The new school year is upon us, and I am in denial that the summer is coming to a close. In fact, this is probably the first summer where I am not ready to embrace the fall yet.

Well, maybe.

Did you have a pleasant August? I kept meaning to post more frequently on here, and now here I am writing a huge blurb on every single thing I did under the (scorching hot) sun. August started off roasting, and it’s still roasting.

Mostly I’ve been simply enjoying the weather, and writing as much as I can… Which is another reason I’ve not been on here as much!

But the big highlight of the month was a weekend trip to Niagara on the Lake for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve not been there as a visitor before, so it was a really nice place to visit for a few days. I browsed the stores, admired the views, and my gosh, I’ve not eaten such amazing food in a long time.


Take for instance, the most beautiful chocolate orange gelato in a cup. (Not seen is the beautiful iced cappuccino I had with it.)

A friendly reminder that plastic straws are not friends.


Rumour has it a ghost by the name of Captain Swayze has haunted this spot since 1813. Or so they say.


A 50/50 chance this building is haunted as well, because… Niagara.

And of course, the wedding itself! In a vineyard!


Truly a gorgeous place, and it was a gorgeous ceremony.


The whole time I sat waiting for dinner to start, I wondered what Hell’s Kitchen-like chaos was happening behind the scenes as our meals were being prepped. But the turn-around was fantastic.

After I got home again, Niagara was all I could think about. Hope to visit again soon! (and maybe go on a ghost walk.)


I also paid a visit to the CNE last week, which I haven’t done in some years. It really hasn’t changed, but it’s fun to walk around and see the sights… And eat the obligatory junk food, of course. The whole place smells like deep fried goodness and sugar.

I didn’t go on any rides, but I did pass through this silk lantern exhibit, which was quite spectacular.



Ah, the CNE. Always something interesting!


Also in exciting news… I got a new blouse with the pattern of my favourite bird on it!!!!! This makes me quite happy.

And that was my August! Time will tell for what September has in store, but I’ll do my best to keep things updated (unless I’m busy with work and writing.) And sadly I’ve got no music to share this time around, mainly because I had no particular theme that stood out for me.

Instead, I will leave you with these words of wisdom from an account I follow on Instagram.

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What is one thing you’re grateful for?

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Thoughts on a Friday


Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 3.54.22 PM.png
This will never not be funny.
  • This is the last Friday of July 2018.
  • Figure that one out.
  • Next weekend, it will be August.
  • That means CNE time.
  • Which also means the end of summer.
  • Sadness.
  • Raspberries… Gone bad.
  • From my seat, it looks like it could rain.
  • Hopefully it will.
  • Last night there was lightening flashes in the sky, but no storm.
  • It’s been a heavy week for Toronto.
  • Again.
  • When you can’t fathom the senseless actions of one person who sets his mind on destroying peoples’ lives.
  • We’ve seen it time and time again in other places, now it has hit home twice in the last few months.
  • There’s really not much else I can say at this point.
  • However, as terrible as things have been, it’s brought us even closer together as a city.
  • When we help one another, and are nice to one another, remarkable things happen.
  • I still trust in the people here.
  • And that my friends, is why we are called Toronto the Good.
  • But we still could be Toronto the Great if we reeeeeally tried.
  •  Speaking of great, Mamma Mia! Here we Go Again.
  • I saw that the other day, and it was damn near perfect.
  • I say ‘damn near’ because I didn’t see enough Cher or Meryl Streep in it to suite me.
  • Cher is a gift to us all and we are not worthy of her.
  • But I liked it.
  • A lot.

    I WANTED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can I also say I hope to be that sassy and diva-esque when I’m her age?
  • The young version of Sam was especially good looking.
  • Just so you know, any movie that I talk about will inevitably lead to me pointing out a character that I find good looking.
  • I rest my case.
  • I was trying to figure where I had seen him before, and then when I looked him up afterwards, it hit me.
  • War Horse.
  • He was much younger then.
  • And still cute.
  • He’s about my age, actually.
  • I can’t believe it’s been seven years since that movie came out.
  • 2011, if I’m not mistaken?
  • The Artist came out that same year.
  • Remember? That modern silent film?
  • Oy vey.
  • Who the hell works at the Onion and how can I get their job?
  • Kidding, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to make a killer headline.
  • Like this one.
  • Ps: It hasn’t rained yet.
  • You could have fooled me, sky.
  • I was looking forward to a raging thunderstorm, but I guess that was for yesterday.
  • While I was sitting in the movie theatre.
  • :/
  • Chocolate lava cake.
  • Homemade.
  • Just thought I’d end this post on a sweet note.
  • And here’s some Joni Mitchell to carry you on your way.


The ides of summer

Well hello, are you surprised to see me? Did y’all miss me? I haven’t been round here in a while because some unforeseen circumstances popped up mid June, and I was forced to halt my movie challenge.

I can’t lie, it’s been a weird, stressful couple of months. A family member was in an accident (but is thankfully on the road to recovery), and since then the days have been in a complete jumble. Routines shifted, plans changed, and my family and I simply had go along with it and adjust to this new rhythm.

But in-between, there have been lots of nice little moments that remind me of how nice the summer time actually can be.

Whether it be fresh flowers….



Or pretty evening sunsets…


Or World Cup excitement (even though I barely watched any of it)…


The summer time provides a terrific canvass for wonder and opportunity. (And for the record, I’m not complaining about the heat anymore. Especially after this past winter.)

My sister and her family came to visit for a few weeks as well, and that was also a nice break for us. If you ever need a distraction, small kids will definitely do the trick! They’re loud and they’ll get in things, but you’ll have a good time.

For the first time ever, I signed up for a YA writer’s class with the University of Toronto. It was only a week long, but that was enough to get me inspired again with my own story–which I’ve been writing on and off for the last few years. I critiqued bits of my classmates’ works, and got good feedback on my own piece (eep!), and it was an incredibly positive experience. Plus, I made new writer friends!! Now I just want to write and write and write and work towards getting my baby published at long last.

Other things I’m taking in this month….

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 2.57.26 PM.png
This character, who I like to think of as my goth boyfriend

The Amazing Race Canada, because… Eh, Canadians.

Nothing Much Happens, the only podcast I’ve discovered that I think is worth listening to. The narrator tells you a relaxing bedtime story, and you fall asleep. My cup of tea!

And finally, music! I guess this can be my theme for July.

I’ll be back soon, and I’ll try not to be too much of a stranger around here.

Emmanuel Macron image from here

June movie challenge for day 9 to 13

Oh dear, it looks as though I’ve fallen behind again. And the draft that I thought I’d saved deleted itself. Pooh! But as they say, oh well. All the more for me to post right now, and get it over with. Here we go!

Day 9, favourite horror film: Cat People.

There are so many creepy elements in this movie, I can’t even begin to describe it.

Day 10, favourite movie monster: The creature from Young Frankenstein.


Day 11, favourite damsel in distress: Willie from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The DID thingy is slightly problematic in itself, but you know what? I love Willie anyway. She’s whiny, but she’s hilarious.

Day 12, best book to movie adaptation: The Wizard of Oz (written by L. Frank Baum)


Even though MGM took quite a few liberties with it in in the movie, I still enjoy it because it is a classic and magical and perfect.

NOW FOR DAY 13! favourite movie soundtrack: Cinema Paradiso.

I couldn’t for the life of me choose a favourite soundtrack, but then I remembered how absolutely beautiful the soundtrack is. Listening to it, I feel like I could float away.

Willie image from here, Wizard of Oz gif via Tenor

June movie challenge: day 7 and 8

Day 7: favourite character actor

Edward Everett Horton. He does his roles so well, and any time I see him on screen just makes me unreasonably happy because he’s so good in his roles, and he’s very funny.


Day 8 (today!): Director you most admire

Ida Lupino. An actress turned director, Ms Lupino was ahead of her time; she brought realistic (and sometimes controversial) stories about women to the big screen that weren’t often talked about.


Images from here and here